7 Things Required to Create Vision and Purpose

January 25, 2021

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Alan Nogier

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One of the most common questions individuals seek to understand and arguably the most important question to answer is what would allow me to live a purposeful and deeply meaningful life?

This question often takes the form of what would make me happy or what do I want out of life? To ask yourself these 2 questions with the understanding that every time you ask them, you are alluding to what you desire and are capable of achieving and thus the quality of person you have to become to achieve it. To grow, to become more, to achieve within is truly the catalyst for all achievement as who you are will reflect in the level of actions you consistently take and the actions you take will result in the level of achievement you create. vision Achievement is not just more money, more things, more experiences. Achievement more importantly is also a sense of purpose, vision, and fulfillment. Out of these forms of achievement do you truly manifest the most external abundance too because achievement within creates a positive feedback loop that further empowers your identity, your action, and continued achievement. I don’t promise you the answer to what will make you happy or what will give you purpose. Everyone’s answer to that is going to be different but I do promise you the ability to implement the following 7 tools, practices, and mindsets that will lead you to clarity, vision, and purpose to become the level of person capable of answering your deepest question for yourself.
  1. Authentic Self vs Authentic Vision
Most people are not able to discover their vision and their purpose because they are too focused on discovering the answer to it rather than becoming the kind of person who can answer it.
  • The answer is your authentic vision.
  • The person who can answer it is your authentic self.
The first tool you need to achieve in 2021 is to start showing up authentically as who you are and not your fears, your worries, your justifications… Let’s use career as an example. If you aren’t fulfilled in your career but allow yourself to worry about money in regards to switching, then when you ask yourself what do I want out of my career? Chances are you’re going to listen to the little voice in your head that says you want money or even worse keep doing the job you hate because the money is safe and guaranteed. But what really pains you is not the money, it’s that you’re not doing something you love. If you want to find purpose then show up authentically, let go of everything that isn’t authentic and then ask yourself what you want.
  1. Let Go
        If you want to be authentic, then you must learn to effectively and consistently let go of what is not authentic. That is to let go of the little voice in your head that stops you from doing what you want whether worry, fear, pain or expectations. Stop justifying why you can’t live exactly how you want to live your life and only then will you stop compromising on your happiness. The best way I know how to let go of disempowering thoughts is well to practice letting go of thoughts. This is the practice of clearing your mind into a space of thoughtlessness most commonly done through meditation plus breathwork. Adopt this practice in 2021 and experience the clarity you begin to live life through.
  1. Create Vision


Clarity is freedom from what made you unclear. Clarity is not the answer itself it is a state from which you can answer. Out of clarity can you now create Vision. Vision is the answer. If you want to live the life you want, then you are going to have to identify what it is you want. In 2021 start build long-term vision consistently. Most people do this in the form of goal setting in generalize materialistic outcomes usually done during new years. But the most successfully fulfilled people are consistently defining and understanding their vision in the present, in 1 month, in 1 year, in 3 years, in 10, 20 and so on. The best way to start doing this is to consistently ask yourself what you want to achieve and what do you want out of life? Take it a step further and make it a habit to consistently do one or more of the following practices at least once every week:
  • Journal your aspirations and your dreams for life.
  • Do a visual meditation see yourself living the exact life you want.
  • Write down 100 things I want in life and see if you can fill it out.
Every week you do these exercises you will inherently be practicing your ability to have vision. As the weeks and months go by you will become better and you will discover your vision.
  1. Ask Better Questions
        The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of questions you ask yourself because when you ask yourself a new question, you force yourself to think about things in a new way. When you perceive your life through multiple lenses you will have a better grasp on what it really means to you. Most people always see through one lens and they try finding all the answers to the same unanswered questions by using the same mind that wasn’t able to answer them in the first place. They are essentially hitting their heads against the same brick wall expecting a different result. If you want to know the answer but don’t know how, then stop focusing on the answer and start focusing on the question to gain perspective. Some of the best ways to change your perspective are the following:
  • Change the environment in which you ask the question.
  • Change the physical state in which you ask the question.
  • Change the psychological state in which you ask the question.
  • Travel and perceive from the lens of a different culture.
  • Ask the same question in a different way.
  1. 80/20 Rule
Have you ever had a day where you had all these plans and things you needed to get done but then comes the end of the day and you wonder why you didn’t get anything done? That’s because you’re right. You didn’t get anything meaningful done. Life dictated to you what to do, you reacted, and spent all your time focusing on meaningless tasks. The 80/20 rule is all about becoming an essentialist and cutting through noise. To stop wasting your time on all the task work and on all the unnecessary that is wasting your time and to focus on the activities and habits that yield the greatest result. The rule states that 80% of your success will come from only 20% of your actions. The remaining 80% of your actions will results in only a small 20% of the results. That is because the 80% of things you are doing that you think are getting you somewhere are really just your way of feeling productive and driven without having to come face to face with the reality that you’re not working on things, and living your life as effectively as you could. To focus on the 20% requires disciplined focus and is not as gratifying in the short term as saying “another check mark on my checklist complete”. If you want to truly scale your life you need to become an essentialist. That means you know what’s important for you to do and you know that everything else is not worth spending valuable time on. If there is a “task” that only yields 20% of results but could take up 80% of my time, then these are the only three options I ever consider.
  1. Get it done and knock it out AFAP (as fast as possible).
  2. Systemize it.
  3. Outsource and delegate it.
Option 2 and 3 are most often the choices I recommend by far if you want to take your life to the next level. How I systemize something is that I find out what is the repeatable process that is so easy a monkey can do it. I am the monkey. I set myself up so that I don’t have to rethink the wheel every time and waste time. I simply follow the process get it done and move on. The beauty of a system is that it is so repeatable, so simple that it now lends itself to be delegated and outsourced. When scaling and moving past systems you want to start thinking “WHO or WHAT” can do this for me most often in the form of an exchange of something valuable such as money, knowledge, or a service. Fiverr is a great website to find someone to outsource to and it’s not as hard or expensive as you may think when getting started. My favorite form of delegation is automation. What I mean is to use technology to do things for you without you needing to watch it. Simply automate and let it do it’s thing perfectly 24/7 without having to watch it or pay it. I challenge you to outsource 1 thing this week. Ideas include mowing your lawn, cleaning, a business task, an online software that books clients for you, an online calendar assistant, a real part time assistant, a mentor or coach to outsource the research time it would take to acquire that level of knowledge and rapid growth. Hi my name is Alan Nogier peak performance mentor.
  1. Take Consistent Action
Taking consistent action is all about asking the following question; “How do I set myself up to Win consistently even when I am not motivated?” Motivation is an allusion. No one can be motivated all the time. Being a motivated person is a result of consistent action that proves to the individual that they can. It is not the driver of what will lead you to take consistent action. Why? Because humans are human and we are susceptible to decision fatigue. If we constantly have to choose between the good and the bad choice, sometime we will pick the bad choice. We can’t always be motivated to pick the winning choice. People who win consistently and unconsciously think in a way that doesn’t give them a choice. They simply do what they know is good for them and they don’t do the things that are bad for them. Here is an examples of how can do that.
  1. Ask yourself what action you struggle with being consistent about?
  2. What item in your environment makes it easy to procrastinate your desired consistent action?
  3. Get rid of that thing forever that makes it easy to procrastinate.
Personal Example:
  1. In 2018 I had finally consistently achieved my miracle morning by leaving my phone in a totally different room the night before in order to remove the decision every morning of scrolling on my phone or reading and meditating. So now my goal became I want to have a night routine that also facilitates my greatest growth.
  2. What was making it difficult in my environment was the TV. I would get home from training in person clients and it was so easy to just relax and watch. What I wanted to do was cook a delicious meal, meal prep, work on my business, read, and go to bed early but what I ended up doing most nights was watch Netflix.
  3. I canceled my Netflix account, I threw away my television and I essentially removed the distraction. I no longer depended on motivation to help me decide what I did. It was already decided for me because it was the only thing left to do. I now have a television but after living without for a year I don’t watch it more than 2 hours a month. It’s there for being used with intention but never as an unconscious compromise.
love If you really want to achieve more in 2021 then it all starts with loving the process. This is what ties everything together. Why? Because to love the process of what you do requires presence with that action, requires becoming clear on what you love, requires letting go of what you don’t, and ultimately will lead you to the greatest consistency. Now you love it and so you would rather choose that action over anything else that you don’t love. I’m going to take you the extra mile to achieve in 2021 and tell you my formula for how to learn to love something and thus build consistency and achieve results both of fulfillment and of external achievement. Think of something you love to do that when you do it you could do it for a very long time because you completely lose track of time. Think of a time when you have been in love and you lose track of time with that person… The point is that when you love something anything, you inherently become present with it. Society often teaches us to wait for an external dopamine to make us feel love. What people don’t know is that they can actually trigger this feeling and thus trigger passion, more presence, consistency, and achievement from a place of abundance. How? If love the feeling also means presence then the same is true in the reverse direction. You can actually create a feeling of loving something so much that you lose track of time when doing simply by becoming present and literally losing track of time when you’re doing it. The following is called the Passion Formula due to it’s ability to create extreme passion in people when practiced. It is a powerful feedback loop that reinforces itself more and more.

Love = Presence    &    Presence = Love

            To some of you who know what transcendental/intentional presence feels like when practiced from habits such as breathwork or meditation this will click immediately and are being mindblown as we speak with the applications that this may serve you toward consistency. For others you’ll need more convincing. The best way I can convince you that this is true is by letting you experience the power of it and to actually FEEL Presence and how it creates love for anything you become present with. The following is the science of how to become intentional and euphorically present. If you can scientifically achieve this, it means you can scientifically learn to love and ultimately scientifically live a fulfilled live. If you don’t believe me then just try it and find out. There are many tools out there by many coaches. Most of them have to do with any form of practice known as transcendence. I also call it transcendence but to make it understandable and relevant to applicable life it is also called peak performance. Peak performance is the science of transcendence. Transcendence is an art. The Transcendence tool I prefer to use is Breathwork in combination with a peak performance science behind your physiology and your psychology. Breathwork in itself is a key physiological state. Whether you breath shallowly or deeply have completely different effects on your psychology. This is why I love exercise because as you breathe deeply, you move oxygen and your blood flows, you psychologically trigger your mind to achieve higher states and thus trigger endorphins, feel happier and live mentally healthier lives. Your physiology plays a huge role in how you psychologically perceive the world. If you act sad, and look said, you will then feel sad. If you look in a mirror and hold a smile, you will actually start to feel happier and maybe even laugh out loud. You should try it just to see what I mean. The point is Physiology Dictates Psychology. Those are the famous words by Tony Robbins a master in controlling mental states through physical states. If you want to reach a higher state psychologically, then you need to start by working through the body by affecting your physiology. In other words you need to trigger your mind to feel a certain way by physically acting that way. Deep, focused breathwork is the physical embodiment of psychological presence, clarity, peace and purpose. So once you do this, how will you know it’s working? The easy answer is that it always works because it’s science. The question is how deep do you want to experience it? The answer is time, and practice. If you want to go deeper, simply spend a longer time in it or just get better at it by practicing more….” This is how exactly how you should do the breathwork to achieve it always!
  1. Spine is straight and tall
  2. Deep Breaths in Deep Breaths Out
  3. During every inhale focus on the inside of your throat
  4. Feel the cold air as it passes through your throat with every inhale
  5. Remember Deep Breathes in and totally Out as you Focus only on this point inside your throat where the cold air passes.
  6. Repeat for as few as 5 breathes to become present or as many as you’d like to take it a level deeper.
  7. Do it anytime you are starting a new activity or endeavor to become present.

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Thank you for reading my name is Alan Nogier and I am a peak performance mentor for people wanting to scale their lives, their time, and their income. The biggest take away I’d want you to have from this article is #7.

To Practice presence every single moment. The more you practice presence the more life will begin to happen for you, opportunities become apparent, doors begin to open, and you become fearless to be able to step through them. That is the power of presence in achievement of a fulfilled life.

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