John Yoon


John Yoon, AKA Verum John, is an Asian e-commerce expert, dropshipping mentor, and CEO. He is the founder of Verum Ecom Group, which is changing the game of dropshipping education online. John Yoon is popularly known for his influence on young and starting entrepreneurs using his teachings.


At the age of 10, John Yoon started making $10 thousand per month from Maplestory and Runescape video games. And because of being underage, John withdrew his income using a fake PayPal account. During college days, John Yoon started dropshipping products. His first 2 stores failed and his third store made $1,000 profits per day and got john more motivated. John Yoon currently has a very large dropshipping education program with over Forty thousand likes on his educational Facebook page and a 106k youtube Audience. John is the founder of Verum Ecom’s Dropshipping Course that teaches dropshipping strategies and tactics to anyone interested. Getting started on dropshipping and tutors them.

The Verum Ecom blog page also shares e-commerce tips. John also owns trouble tracking, order metrics, and conversion data application called Funnelshoot designed to help you analyze your sales funnel and improve sales quickly. Verum John and his project Verum Ecom foundation is said to runs a complete dropshipping blueprint of over 10 million Facebook ads and provides you with guidance to building your own successful dropshipping store.

If you are someone looking for a dropshipping mentor to guide you, you might consider checking out John Yoon.


Have you ever taken a course from John? please tell us in the comment box below and rate it.

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7 months ago

i watched his youtube videos alone and learned how to make money with ecom