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Leading authority on web-based training, Brad Lea has successfully established himself as an entrepreneur and as a business owner. Lea has become a seasoned professional having a strong foundation of sales management originating from 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, thanks to his experience in sales and marketing.


Professional Career

Lea’s thoughtful leadership has been incredibly instrumental in assisting, guiding, and leading some of the most effective and productive sales professionals internationally. Authentic, engaging, and dynamic Lea is quite passionate about assisting companies to develop and discover additional recurring revenue models and improving existing processes and systems. As the CEO and founder of LightSpeed VT, Lea has also revolutionized the online training industry. He has set the gold standard for how training is tracked, delivered, and reported on ensuring accountability, maximum performance, retention, and results.

Walk of Life

Spending the first half of his life focused on assisting himself, Lea did alright, however, struggled and felt empty. Lea spent the last 20 years focused on helping others, authentically, it has completely transformed his life, now living abundantly and feeling completely fulfilled. In the year 1999, Lea was running, training, and managing a sales team. He was very successful within sales and always had a bit of a knack for teaching and educating people on how to close, sell,  and persuade people of their products and services. One day, Lea noticed a very hard working person who was only making minimum wage and decided to help him generate more money. And this was the first time Lea wanted to assist someone else without expecting anything in return, completely crushing this task. Within three months this person was making $10-15,000 per month, completely changing his and his family’s lives. Nothing Lea had ever done felt quite so fulfilling to him. This act of kindness and education made Lea feel “worth” something more than just money. This is what sparked this part of Lea’s journey, quitting his job and deciding to start a training company to assist as many people as he could by educating them on how to sell, close, and persuade others into buying what they were offering. Within the span of six months, Lea began to realize that he was miserably failing. He could not understand people and get them to change their behavior to discover success like he had so many times before this. This was when he came across the four keys to effective training, good content, repetition, practice, and accountability. Through his research, he found that the majority of companies were making the same mistake, so Lea decided to create a technology that would fix it, quickly becoming a leading authority within web-based training. If you are looking for some assistance and guidance within the field of web-based training, it may be worthy of your consideration to think of Brad Lea as a mentor or coach for your business and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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