Sitara Hewitt

Daughter to a Pakistani mother, Dr. Farida Hewitt and a Weelsh father, Dr. Kenneth Hewitt, Sitara Hewett was primarily raised in Elora, Ontario in Canada. Her parents were professors at the Wilfrid Laurier University, and during her childhood Hewitt spent time lignin in the Himilayan mountains, where her mother and father did their academic field research.

Sitara Hewitt

Professional Career

Hewitt was married to the American actor, Jessie Pavelka, and they also have a son named Rowan who was born in 2010. Hewitt separated from her ex-husband in 2015, and divorced in late 2016. Hewitt is fluent in both Urdu and American English, in addition to being semi-fluent in Balti. Hewitt was raised as a Chrisitan as both of her parents followed this faith. Hewitt’s first name, “Sitara” means “star” in Urdu.

Walk of Life

Hewitt, in Canada, starred on CBC Television’s Little Mosque on the Prairie playing the role of Dr. Rayyan Hamoudi for six whole seasons. Hewitt is known across the United States as the Spokesperson for Hughesnet internet. Hewitt was also a recurring on CBS’s The Young and Restless in addition to All Rise and plays the lead in numerous Hallmark Films. Hewitt was also a co-host on the Comedy Network Is Jeopardy-style pop-culture game show named You Bet Your Ass. Currently, Hewitt owns a Meditation business, and is also a wellness expert. Hewitt has also hosted TV shows for TSN and Sportsnet while studying acting in Toronto in addition to training with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in the United States. If you are looking to build your entrepreneurial empire and develop yourself to become the best version of yourself in terms of business, Sitara Hewett may be worthy of your consideration as a mentor or coach.

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