Robin Sharma



Robin Sharma is one of the world’s premier speakers on Personal Mastery and Leadership. He has the rare and distinct ability to electrify an audience through the delivery of useful insights that assist individuals in achieving their goals through a hard work ethic and motivation.


Professional Career

For almost twenty years, many well-known and internationally renowned organizations, some of which include GE, Microsoft, Nike, HP, PwC, Oracle and NASA, Yale University, and YPO, have selected Sharma for their most crucial events, as he is a world-class speaker worthy of representing these brands. Sharma’s books, one of which is named The Leader Who Had No Title, have consistently topped bestseller lists around the world, additionally his social media content reach over six hundred million people each year, establishing Sharma as a truly international phenomenon for assisting people in doing exemplary, out of the ordinary work. Sharma’s clientele has always garnered immense and enlightening knowledge, so that their organization’s personal responsibility, ingenuity, productivity, and mastery develop efficiently. That’s after thriving amid changes and realizing their highest leadership abilities. Sharma has also been honored by being ranked as one of the top five leadership experts internationally as per an independent survey of over twenty-two thousand business owners as well as appearing on many platforms with other renowned individuals such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Jack Welch.

Walk of Life

Sharma was once a lawyer, but he quit his job, to self-publish a book at Kinko’s copy shop. The book was edited by his mother, storing over two thousand copies in his kitchen. Sharma’s second book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari also was self-published, until the former HarperCollins president, Ed Carson, stumbled across Sharma’s book in a bookstore. This book, as well as the series that followed, has become one of the world’s most profitable and successful publishing franchises. If you are looking to expand your knowledge and learn more about the business and entrepreneurial world, it may be worth youtube time and consideration to consider Robin Sharma as a coach or mentor for your business.



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