remix reek

remix reek

American rapper best known for songs like "Lil Ruga" and "I'm da man." He is also the CEO of the company DC Majesty Entertainment. One of his earliest releases was the track "30 to His Jersey" which came out in 2016. Reek has earned over 420,000 followers on his Instagram account. Representing Northeast Washington DC, Reek has been a fixture in the community as a leader amongst many.

Professional Career

Reek’s ability to influence people in the street has translated into laid back recollections and observations of the street hustle laced with humor & reality. In Late 2010 he began recording, resulting in his first mixtape release on Halloween of 2011 “I Don’t Rap I Rock”. By the year 2013, Reek evolved his hustle to include weekly events and concerts where he brought a taste of the street coupled with showmanship to DC nightlife. 

Walk of Life

By 2014 he would launch a marketing and branding company, DCMajesty Entertainment Inc., and decided to take a break from music to really learn the art of branding and monetizing entertainment brands, which introduced him to heavy hitters in the music industry and allowed him to bring business intelligence to other upcoming brands. 2016 would see Reek’s return to music followed up with three mixtapes in 2018 and his introduction to radio as a co Host on “The Eddie Kayne Show” on DC’s ListenVision. 2019 saw his highest budget video to date, “Wanna Be”, which was a reshoot of a video he shot in 2018, a testament to his commitment to perfecting his ever evolving craft, which was rewarded with a blue verification check from Instagram. If you are looking to expand your business and entrepreneurial ventures, it may be worthy of your time and consideration to think of Remix Reek as a mentor or coach for your business.

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3 months ago

Combining real businesses entrepreneurship with music 😎