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Ray “Cash” Care is a motivational speaker, leader, problem-solver, peak performance expert, entrepreneur, and Navy SEAL Veteran. He has had numerous tours and other various overseas security details. Once Care left the SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team Two (SDV-2), he developed his passion and experience from the SEAL team to the world of team building and self-improvement.


Professional Career

Care has also become an accomplished fitness speaker and expert on various topics ranging from building high functioning teams and fitness to a transformational organization. Care’s approaches and perspectives have been featured on The History Channel “The Selection,” the BBC “Ultimate Hell Week,” as well as the Discovery Channel “The Ultimate Soldier Channel.” Alongside these accomplishments, Care is also the founder of CONQUER, a team-building, and leadership program that is constructed to push you mentally, physically, and emotionally for people that are hoping to free themselves from personal barriers. Garnering over twenty-five years of rigorous and extensive experience, Care has established himself as both a real-world and instructional coach.

Walk of Life

Juggling Care’s experiences in the SEAL teams as well as being featured on television, he has developed an expertise within team building and mindset, through which he motivates millions of people around the world. Care’s program, CONQUER, highlights a seven-principle program that is accessible to all people and individuals who are seeking to change their mindset and looking to lead to achieve extraordinary results. He has created a very affluent and luxurious lifestyle for his wife and his two children. And After starring in Captain Phillips with renowned Hollywood actor, Tom Hank, he was also selected by the United States Navy as the ambassador that would be featured in the “Indoctrination” film, which shows and celebrates all recruits at the Great Lakes Naval Recruit Training Command, The Navy’s Singular Bootcamp. On the side, Care also works with numerous charities, specifically the Danny Dietz Memorial Fund, in which Care was Danny Dietz Sea Daddy, which is a mentor’s role. If you are interested in booking Care as a mentor or coach, it may interest you to check him out!

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