Ramon Ray


Ramon Ray is an in-demand business influencer and expert, successful entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. He has started four lucrative companies, of which he has sold two. He is working with top-tier companies in hopes of enhancing their credibility and authenticity, as well as building a more profitable brand around their business. And he wrote four books, one of which is called Celebrity CEO.


Professional Career

Ray has established himself as a successful and authoritative entrepreneur. His energized ability to care and connect is what draws international audiences to him and has helped him build an entrepreneurial empire. His career graph has involved many highs and lows, some of which include; being invited to the White House, founded Smart Hustle, fired from the United Nations (UN), interviewed the president of the United States, testified to the United States Congress, and graduating from the FBI Citizens Academy.

Walk of Life

Ray was born and raised in the midwest. And he enjoyed reading books and tinkering with electronics. In his young teenage years, he moved to Brooklyn, New York, so one could say that Ray is part “action orientated” New Yorker and part “well mannered midwestern”. In college, Ray studied business administration and one of his early jobs was as a temporary staff worker doing clerical work for the United Nations. He served the United Nations for over ten years and was promoted to the administrative officer of the NY Office, which was headquartered in Asia. During his time at the United Nations, Ray built up a few small businesses and companies, and was a bit of a “business bug”. He was eventually terminated from the United Nations and began to focus on entrepreneurship full time. Although Ray was working in the diplomatic world for a whole decade, his true passion was for entrepreneurship and business ventures. The pages of Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Black Enterprise inspired and amplified his passion for business and entrepreneurship.
During the day, Ray dedicatedly worked at the United Nations, and at night, he developed his side businesses and hustles, attending networking events, as well as starting to organize his own successful events. Some of the companies Ray started were The Small Business Summit, an event organization company that was co-founded by Marian Banker, Small Biz Technology, a well-known blog, as well as a small tech consulting company. Ray went on to sell the Small Business Summit to another event organizing company, and in the year 2019, Ray sold the Small Biz Technology to another publisher. Lastly, Ray’s latest passion, Smart Hustle Media immaculate his love for entrepreneurship and the success of small businesses. If you are looking to expand your knowledge about entrepreneurship and small businesses, it may be worth your consideration to invest some time into learning more about Ramon Ray and his entrepreneurial journey.

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