Anthony Agyeman



Anthony Agyeman is a serial entrepreneur, born in Boston, Massachusetts. He moved around quite a bit in his childhood but ended up growing up and being raised in Houston, Texas. At the age of 23, Agyeman’s accomplishments and achievements during the course of his life have clearly demonstrated his determination considering the odds that were stacked against him since birth.


Professional Career

His father was no longer present in his life after the age of two. Being raised in a very difficult environment by his single mother, Agyeman endured many challenges. However, by negating these several obstacles at the age of sixteen, Agyeman began to dabble in entrepreneurship through playing competitive games and traveling around the United States for tournaments and matches, in addition to building his cinema YouTube channel on the side. At the young age of eighteen, he established and developed a clothing brand named Murderous Clothing, which he promoted utilizing influencer marketing through the use of influencers like Ace Family, Lil Pump, Ronnie Banks, JC & Cian, and many others. And within a matter of two weeks, the company was receiving over six hundred orders a week.

Walk of Life

Currently, Agyeman owns numerous distinct companies and businesses. Some examples include Marketing Wizards, Pure ATMS, Vegan Gummies, and many others. And he has assisted over one hundred people to change their financial situation and income by learning and gaining knowledge about how one can make money online. Agyeman’s mission statement for both his businesses and companies as well as his personal life is to assist and help others to leave the confines of their old jobs. If you are looking to develop your online business and entrepreneurial efforts, it may be worthy of your consideration to think of Anthony Agyeman as a mentor or coach.



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6 months ago

Anthony is an inspiration to me.
From his Entrepreneurship life style and bussines ethic. He is someone I always look up for learning