Natalie Puglisi


Natalie Puglisi is an American online business legal advisor, attorney and entrepreneur, mentor at the legal babe society designed to help female business owners get their contracts in place, trademark their work and get legally right.


Professional Career

Natalie Puglisi started her online law firm naive and clueless on how to run her business, de had no idea in getting a business license or not, sole proprietorship or c-corp company and so on. But she wanted help but felt shy to ask for help because attorneys are perceived with this know it all mentality. Natalie took actions with research and hustle to discover how to set up her business and finding out a lot of women faced the same problem she created an avenue to help solve the issue and help them figure out their legal businesses.

Walk of Life

Natalie challenges business on her 3day legal challenge to help entrepreneurs find out what is needed legally to start their business legit. Natalie Puglisi also host a legal education podcast called the legal babe podcasts by Natalie Puglisi and it’s hosted to teach trademarks, contracts and content protection which is being taught in detail for newbies to understand. Natalie has featured in the holistic marketing podcast hosted by charlotte chipperfield and has worked with clients with good testimonials as seen on her profile. Natalie Puglisi done for you legal templates offers legal knowledge shortcut to anyone not willing to hire a business attorney. Natalie Puglisi is on a mission to build a community of legal empowered female entrepreneurs and if you are looking to run a legal required business Natalie might be someone worth checking out.



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7 months ago

You couldn’t ask for a more informed attorney in the online business sector . She is punctual and detailed with her work . If you need help with legal docs or have a question about your business on the legal end Natalie if the one for you to talk to .

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