Morgan DeBaun



Morgan Debaun is an American Media entrepreneur, bussines coach and CEO, founder of the popular Blavity Inc, Travel Noir and the Shadow and Act television news site. A well respected business woman and black advocate with a portfolio of brands and website for millennials.


Professional Career

Morgan who never wanted to get into media now has amassed over $9million in venture revenue through her online company Blavity Inc. Morgan started to notice her interest in entrepreneurship when she started selling snacks in high school in the absence of a vending machine and growing her tech tech skills. With the experience Morgan Debaun got from starting Blavity Inc which was a gathering of black people then in the University from working her first job as a manager in charge of male engineers she quit her first job and created the Shadow Act media under Blavity Inc as a voice to black millennials on the internet and media.  Blavity has recently recorded a 1.8million unique monthly visitors on their site. Morgan currently is regarded as one of the highest black women in the tech Media.

Execution and failure is a part of the process, you have to accept that.

Morgan DeBaun

Walk of Life

Morgan at Blavity Inc hosts conferences aimed at uplifting and empowering the black community like the Debaun’s conference also called the “summit 21” and another known as the Afro tech event with the goal of teaching entrepreneurship and carving a space in the tech world for black millennials and helping them launch their companies online. Morgan is the founder of travel Noir which is a travel site that offers travel guidance to people and also the CEO of a skin care brand called M.Rose. Morgan also hosts a “worksmart” program where she practically coaches business owners through exceeding $10,000 monthly in their business and is known as the chief revenue coach by her students. Morgan has a growing 100 thousand instagram followers and shares business and coaching advices online. If you are interested in learning more about building businesses online, you could check out morgan Debaun due to her experience in the Field.



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7 months ago

shes so pretty and so inspiring ive been following her for a few months now.

3 months ago

Love this BLM activist and her brand