Matt D’Avella

Netflix filmmaker, YouTuber and entrepreneur, Matt D’Avella explores topics such as minimalism, productivity as well as habits. Before becoming a full-time YouTuber, D’Avella struggled to pay off his student loans and debt.

Professional Career

What began as an impulse purchase of a brand new car plus a leather jacket to celebrate his college graduation resulted in him racking up a bill of $115,000. Throughout his experience, D’Avella was unsatisfied with his current lifestyle. From living in his parents’ basement, he invested five years learning everything and reading topics on personal development, personal finance, and most importantly minimalism. He was soon after able to completely pay off all of his debt.

Walk of Life

Since then, D’Avella has begun his journey in 2016, sharing his experience on how one can handle personal finances in relation to minimalism, uploading weekly videos to YouTube. Currently, D’Avella is marketing and selling a course that is called Simple Habits, in which one can learn how to “take control of your life”. This course will equip you with the resources to assist you in finally pushing through your procrastination, stay motivated, as well as keeping yourself accountable to construct habits that last a lifetime. This course enables you to have the potential to create lasting positive changes within your life. If you are interested in self development for yourself or your entrepreneurial endeavors, Matt D’Avella’s course on self-development may be worthy of your consideration and time.

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