Mark Savant


Mark Savant is an American media entrepreneur, speaker, and content marketer. He is the founder of The After Hours Entrepreneur podcast, which has already hosted people like Pat Flynn and David Meltzer on video podcast interviews. Before having a full-time side hustle, Mark lived a regular average lifestyle. His Monday mornings got hated, and his weekends celebrated.


Professional Career

Mark Savant was devoted, and he developed his entrepreneurship mindset. But Mark Still failed in many strategies to get into the online business. Yet, when he started the After-hours Entrepreneur video podcasting with Mark Savant, his network increase got compelling, the number of clients coming in was chilling, and his income streams started to flow. Marksavantmedia is an online content marketing platform, and entrepreneurship program with tips, tools, and strategies that help make the entrepreneurship journey fruitful and guide the after hours entrepreneur through taking their side hustle full-time.

Walk of Life

Mark Savant also has a growing youtube channel with over 200 thousand views and a growing Instagram media platform with video podcasts interviews with entrepreneur coaches like Pat Flynn, David Meltzer, John Lee Dumas, and many others. The After Hour Entrepreneur Podcast with Mark Savant helps its listeners take their side hustle like digital marketing, copywriting, sales, graphic design, content marketing, coaching, video production, and more… to grow it full-time using the regular tips, tools, and tactics from top experts in entrepreneurship. Before MarkSavantmedia, Mark was a regular 9-5 job employee without a side hustle. But he harnessed the online media platform. And he is currently building a top-rated video podcast. If you are seeking a mentor to take you through the steps of building your podcast or taking your side hustle full-time, Mark Savant may have knowledge that can help you along your way.

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7 months ago

My experience with Mark on his live was fantastic, he taught me a lot and shared with me how to go about affiliate marketing