How To Learn Copywriting (7 Proven Steps That Require No Budget)

October 23, 2020


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If you’ve been interested in becoming a Copywriter but you didn’t have the money to invest in expensive courses, you’re in the right place. Here’s why:

I’m about to share with you 7 proven steps that will take you from complete beginner to professional without spending a single dime. All you’ll need is a pen, paper, computer, and an internet connection.
Don’t have a computer? It’s okay - your phone will be more than enough.
But before we dive in, let’s see what Copywriting actually is, shall we?

What Is Copywriting?


The answer is simple and clear, Copywriting is nothing more than salesmanship in print (or closing in print). It is the ability to use the written word to persuade and influence people to buy. So with that said, a Copywriter is a salesman behind a typewriter. At least, there is no more specific and satisfying definition than this out there. Now, you’re probably thinking…

Is Copywriting a Profitable Skill?

Know this, Copywriters are researchers and strategists. They are students of sales, market, psychology, and behavior. They are not in the writing business, they are in the revenue-generating business. They simply help business owners make more sales and scale — using the power of the written word. For this reason, Copywriting is a High-Income Skill that if you master can earn you up to 7-figures a year. So, it is no secret then that Copywriters are the highest-paid writers in the world. But they are not only the highest-paid writers…


Copywriters Are Also In Very High Demand!
I’ll tell you why in the next few lines. Stay with me. Have you ever wondered — as I have — where can you find Copywriting? If so, the answer is, Copywriting is everywhere — Literally. It. Is. Everywhere. You can find it on the street. You can watch it on TV. And you can see it everywhere on the internet. This is no joke. You see, those Facebook Ads are written by copywriters. Social Media Posts, Blog Posts, Articles, Video Scripts, Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Sales Letters, Product Descriptions, Brochures, Banner Ads, Advertisements, Billboards, and Every Single Marketing Email you receive in your inbox — they are ALL written by Copywriters.

For this reason, Copywriters are in high demand. That’s right. And I’m going to show you exactly how to learn this powerful High-Income Skill. Once you learn it, you don’t have to be afraid about your future again. Read on.


7 Steps To Learn Copywriting!
O.K. – now as we’ve come to the chase, let’s make something pretty clear. I’m going to surprise you. Because in a moment, I’ll tell you things about the learning process you won’t hear from anyone else — you won’t read in any book — and you won’t see in any course. Things that will make you confused and wonder why, why should you do that!

These steps are going to challenge you. They will make you realize that learning and mastering Copywriting is not as simple as it seems. So, let me tell you it’s going to take you a lot of time and effort. It is going to take you a lot of discipline and determination. And that’s another reason why Copywriting is the most valuable skill in business.

But, no worries. Every step is worth it. And it will take you from zero to hero. And why not? You might even be an expert and start earning 6 to 7-figures a year as a Copywriter. But, only if you do what it takes. Okay, now you know what Copywriting actually is. You’ve put your toe in the water and gotten your feet wet. So, it’s time to dive in!

Step #1: Change Your Mindset

Oh yeah! This is the first bomb. If you want to learn Copywriting, you’ll need to work on your mindset. In fact, this is the most important step if you want to succeed as a Copywriter. You see, you can’t achieve anything in your life if you don’t have the right mindset. So, you need to develop a strong mindset. You need to have high self-esteem. Because believe me, you’ll need that in your journey toward success. You’ll need a mindset that tolerates pressure, depression and overwhelm. Because yes, you’ll face a lot of these feelings and emotions during the journey.

You’ll face a lot of rejections, a lot of ups and downs. You will lose faith sometimes. You will doubt yourself. And you will fail. But you need to stay passionate and hungry for your goal. That’s why you’ll need a strong mindset that keeps you driven. After all, you don’t want to throw your time and effort through the window, right? You want success. And success accepts no whining or b!tching. It accepts no excuses. So, make sure you develop the right mindset.

You can do that by starting your day with a grateful heart, by writing a list of affirmations that you can read out loud twice a day. Also, make sure to start listening to positive and inspirational audios and videos and cut every negative energy from your life.

Step #2: Read Copywriting & Advertising Books

Here is a list that you can start with:

1) “Scientific Advertising” by “Claude Hopkins”
Read this book from cover to cover AT LEAST 3 times straight and take notes.

2) “The Adweek Copywriting Handbook” by “Joseph Sugarman”

3) “Ogilvy On Advertising” by “David Ogilvy”

4) “Cashvertising” by “Drew E. Whitman”

5) “The One Sentence Persuasion Course” by “Blair Warren”

6) “Influence: Science and Practice” by “Robert Cialdini”

7) “This Book Will Teach You How To Write Better” by “Neville Medhora”

Now as I promised, these steps require no budget at all. So, you don’t even have to purchase the books. They are available as eBook versions. And you can simply download them for free.

NOTE: Do not forget to take notes while reading the books. It is not enough to read the book, you have to use what you learn.

Step #3: Read “The Boron Letters” by “Gary Halbert”

These are 25 letters written by the great Gary Halbert. And in case you’re wondering who the heck is Gary Halbert, he is the greatest Copywriter who has ever lived. But I don’t want you to only skim through the letters, I want you to read them carefully. And not only read them, but I also want you to hand-copy them — Yesss! all of them. You don’t have enough paper at home? Go and get some. You will really need them from this day until the day you decide to stop your copywriting career.

NOTE: You don’t have to purchase these letters either, you can find them absolutely free.

Step #4: Watch Copywriting Videos On YouTube

There are many videos out there. But let me recommend to you my favorite channels to make it easier for you to search.

1) Watch “Dan Lok” videos about Copywriting. Watch them ALL and take notes. I also want you to watch his videos about Sales & Closing. These videos will help you improve your Copywriting skills because as I told you, Copywriting is nothing more than salesmanship in print.

2) Watch ALL of “Alex Cattoni” videos and take notes.

3) There is also a channel called “Kopywriting Kourse.” The owner of this channel is “Neville Medhora” – he is an amazing copywriter. Watch all the videos on his channel and take notes.

Step #5: Hand-copy Winning Ads and Sales Letters

Let’s be honest. This step won’t be easy. It will take you a lot of discipline and dedication. Yet, you have to do it because it is incredibly effective. And I can guarantee you it is going to make you a better Copywriter.

So, here’s what you need to do:

1) Go to . This is a website that contains old ads, emails, sales letters, and landing pages that performed very well and made their writers tremendous revenues.

2) Pick the best Ads and Sales Letters you can find there, read them out loud, and study and dissect them.

3) After that, I want you to hand-copy each one of these Ads and Sales Letters – word by word – MULTIPLE times – until you can write them without looking at the copy at all. This is very, very important. And when I tell you it’s important, I’m not kidding. It is going to help you like crazy. So I hope you don’t take my advice for granted.

NOTE: Do not type the Ads. Write them down using a pen and paper. Do that AT LEAST 30 minutes every single day. And keep doing it even if you’re a world-class Copywriter.

Here are some of the Ads and Sales Letters that you can start with:

1) Lazy Man’s Way to Riches Ad by Joe Karbo

2) $2 Billion Wall St. Journal Letter (“Tale of Two Young Men”) by Martin Conroy

3) 57-Year-Old Swimsuit Model Ad by Gary Halbert

4) Amazing Money-Making Secrets Ad by Gary Halbert

5) Colon Cleanse Sales Letter by Gary Halbert

6) Consulting Sales Letter from Frank Kern

7) They Laughed When I Sat Down at The Piano by John Caples

8) Vision Break-through BluBlocker Ad by Joe Sugarman

Step #6: Write Your Own Copy

Now after going through the previous 5 steps, it’s time to start writing your own copy. Find a product or service on the internet and use everything you’ve learned so far to write for it a sales copy. And imagine while writing that you’re going to be paid $5k for doing this.

Step #7: Keep Practicing and Keep Learning

Just because you are now able to write a sales copy doesn’t mean you can stop learning and practicing. In fact, you should never stop growing and improving. You should keep practicing and developing your Copywriting skills — even if you’re the best Copywriter under the sun.

You see, your skills are like muscles. When you stop going to the gym, they start decreasing and withering. So for this reason, you should always keep learning and practicing new things. Make reading sales, marketing, and advertising books and hand-copying winning ads a part of your DAILY routine. Read at least one book every week and hand-copy Ads and Sales Letters for 30 minutes every day.

So, that’s it. These are the 7 steps that I wanted to share with you. Now I have to leave you here with the hope that you won’t take any of these steps for granted. Each one of them is true. And it has taken me the best part of my life to find out they really work.

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