Brandon Carter



 Brandon Carter (kingketo) is an American fitness business coach, fitness trainer, nutritionist, and best-selling author in the fitness niche. He helps fitness trainers build and grow their own online fitness business from scratch. Brandon's early life was controversial.


Professional Career

He had a huge turning point in life after he decided to change his path from being involved in the drug trade business. Brandon learned to accept his previous life mistakes while getting into the fitness industry and became a private coach with a current growing fan base of over 260,000 Instagram followers. He is the author of the best-selling book Ultimate Cuts: Seven Secrets To Burn Fat Fast As Hell. And other books in the fitness niche like Online Trainer Secrets, Ultimate Alpha, Seven Secrets To Unleashing Your Inner Strength, and Ultimate Mass: 7 Secrets To Build Muscle As Fast As Hell.


Brandon Carter

Walk of Life

Brandon is the CEO of Bro Laboratories Developer and Retailer of Fitness Vitamins and Supplements Company founded in 2013. Brandon also owns a home workout program “Direct Hit” that claims to be able to take you by the hand and show you the way to get the lean ripped body of your dreams.  If you want to make a full income from your online fitness business so you could enjoy the freedom you always wanted, Brandon carter’s High Ticket Trainer Program may be worthy of your consideration.

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7 months ago

uff I love Brandon <3

7 months ago

I don’t think this guy is only good at fitness, he also shares a lot of business hack on his Facebook, I follow him and his motivations has helped me too

3 months ago

I have just gone through the High Ticket Trainer Course. Talk about a load of rubbish. So many links broken or duplicated information. What information there is you can honestly get it free from udemy or similar. He talks absolute s**t.

I wouldn’t even give the course away its that bad, well not unless the crazy fool is desperate. It’s more advertising for Trainerize and meal prep companies than solid information. He’s obviously getting a lot of a kickback from the tactical methods of advertising.

The bundled bonuses well may as well left those on youtube as they can be found for free.

Save your money, you don’t get a qualification and the information is not worth the $000 he charges

Just need to look at his various other websites, can be found on his linkedin page and googling, all mish mash. This is a guy who aims to get you to make $35k a month, read Tom Hopkins or other sales material. Jon Goodman and many others are a lot better than this over priced rubbish.

Talk about another fake milking the cow.