Kevin Zhang



ECommerce entrepreneur and CEO of Kreator eCommerce, Kevin Zhang has built an eCommerce empire at only the age of 23. Zhang’s eCommerce corporation, Kreator eCommerce, has over 60 employees and offices in three countries. Zhang has built a name for himself in the eCommerce industry generating over $20 million in sales revenue his first year doing digital sales.


Professional Career

Zhang is an active advocate for eCommerce education. He’s taken steps to speed up the learning process for young entrepreneurs by providing mentorships to thousands of aspiring student entrepreneurs online across the globe. Being the son of two Chinese immigrants, and achieving the American dream has built a true appreciation for the power of education. This belief in the power of knowledge and education is what’s behind Zhang’s philosophy to better the lives of those in need. One of his most notable projects is the Rosebud Fund, in which he works to provide scholarship funds to high performing students going to university.

Walk of Life

If you’re a young entrepreneur looking to learn about eCommerce businesses then Zhang may be worth your consideration as a mentor. Due to his extensive experience and knowledge in online sales, he may be a source of value for you!

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9 months ago

I encourage anyone wanting to learn about dropshipping (or ecommerce for that matter) with Kevin Zhang to do their due diligence before investing time and money.

Besides the false advertising practices, going-out-of-business sales when they’re not going out of business, and lack of transparency regarding his previous businesses that he does not address despite evidence found in public records, I found him very opaque when I communicate to him regarding his Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery course or his current brand HempX, taking days to respond to my inquiries, dodging some of my questions, and even blocked me when I asked him to clarify his previous businesses. This is hypocritical since he says that he would be willing to respond to DMs in his free YouTube videos. Instead he took a few days to respond and tried to connect me with customer service reps (who never contacted me).

I have not taken his Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery course since I cannot afford the $2,000 price tag. Compared to similar content online (I looked at the lesson titles), I don’t believe it is worth the price tag since most of what you need is free online, ESPECIALLY since you have to spend money for a Shopify store and Facebook ads on top of the course. I did watch his YouTube videos, which teach us Shopify Dropshipping. One of his methods for cleaning Aliexpress products in the video “Turning Aliexpress Products into Winners” involve removing the Chinese logo on the gloves but the customers will still receive the original product (which is a Federal Trade Commission violation). He responded to this by stating to focus on scaling a dropshipping website, and tried to frame that lying to customers about the appearance of the product is okay. No one (whether rich or poor) should have to resort to these tactics. He also dismisses those who asks simple questions by stating things like “I will break my computer and yours” and “will delete my channel and post a video of me dancing.” Whether you find that funny or not is for you to interpret.

As for his free training, it is NOT live, despite Rachel and Kevin stating multiple times that it is, and also told those who don’t believe so to leave the training. He states people should leave the training multiple times if they don’t believe in the “value” he provides. The people in the chat are bots. The training has not much value compared to his videos, and it is mainly as a funnel to sell the $2,000 course.

And I want you to consider the business of dropshipping. I was turned away from it after I learned that you’re selling the same products from Aliexpress (which are not of high quality), with the only thing differentiating is a well-designed website, ads, and customer service. It’s worth mentioning that there are low margins and extremely high competition in dropshipping (you won’t make as much money as others will promise) and statements of “they did not try or listen to what they were taught” does not negate that fact. Don’t think his branded-niche approach will help increase your profits and success.

There is a chance that others can copy your websites, which Kevin talks about in his paid course. Unfortunately, Kevin himself does not disclose his businesses for the fear of them being knocked-off, which is not honest or fair, especially given that he will oversee the potential success of the students. He never answered my inquiry about what he would do to protect our businesses from getting ripped off. I don’t think I need to pay $2,000 to understand these terms. If the leaked DMs between him and business partner Raoul Benjamin are true talking openly about stealing niches, it would make me uncomfortable with asking Kevin to help build my stores. My opinion will only change when Kevin comes out openly about this with the truth.

TLDR: Be wary of his practices before paying $2,000 regarding his businesses and lack of transparency about things. Do your own research! He will make it hard for you for him to talk to you, and any mention of his businesses, such as Dixon Leather, or allegations about the leaked DM’s will get you blocked. He won’t disclose his businesses for the fear of them getting knocked off, and his leaked DM’s clearly indicate about stealing student niches. I asked him about it and he ignores my inquiries. I do not know about the quality of the course, but given the hurdles I had to face talking to him and asking general questions about his course, I would think twice before paying for his course.

7 months ago