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Kevin David is a serial entrepreneur, YouTuber, eCommerce specialist, coach, and author. He utilizes his years of experience and skills to teach and mentor people around the globe on how they can create financial momentum while solely working from home. David is a completely self-made entrepreneur, who is a very adept individual in finding the most innovative and efficient ways to make money online.


Professional Career

He started his entrepreneurial career at the young age of fourteen, and grew up in the suburbs of Eugene, Oregon, loving the sport of soccer. This passion for soccer educated him about the value of competition, the art of winning, and most importantly hard work. David was always aware that he was destined to be an entrepreneur, considering his young age it was shocking that David opted into any business and entrepreneurial venture he could get into, whether it was selling candy bars or baseball cards. Many years later, David began to travel and create website blogs as well as gaming apps, learning and developing his skills on monetization within the Amazon Affiliate Program and Google AdSense. David has minimal success, but there was an immense success to come.

Walk of Life

Once David graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oregon State Honors College, he began his career by working as an Accountant at an accounting firm in Portland, Oregon, named PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Considering the fact that the job was quite a competitive position, with almost five-hundred applicants for only one consulting position, David should have been content with the eighty-hour workweek, however, he soon realized that this was not the life he wanted to live. Transitioning his career, David began working at Facebook in Menlo Park, California, as a Privacy Consultant. And like many others his age, David always has aspirations of working at Facebook, as the company is known for being incredibly generous with its employees, and is provided with many perks. Regardless of the exemplary perks, David began to realize that although this job was a significant improvement from his prior one, this was not the place he was hoping to be. It was during this time period that David began to explore the infinite online sources of income, and how he could become financially free to live life on his own terms. Upon completing extensive research as well as experimenting with various online options, David came across Amazon. At the time, Amazon was the leading eCommerce industry, which made him want to seize the opportunity. A month later, David launched his first product, however, this was just the beginning of building his online empire. David became a leading Amazon seller and developed his skills at an expert level in entrepreneurship after accumulating years of experience as well as knowledge.

In the year 2017, David was on a mission to build another path that would allow others, similar to himself, to escape the confines of a nine to five, and live life by their own standards. Driven and motivated to make this vision a reality, THATLifestyleNinja was created. Less than a year later, THATLifestyleNinja has become the largest community on Facebook internationally, garnering over one-hundred-thousand subscribers on YouTube. THATLifestyleNinja has been recognized with numerous awards, one of which is being honored with the ClickFunnel Two Comma Club Member, for generating more than one million dollars through the use of only one funnel. David has also been featured by many publications, some of which include Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur for his achievements and accomplishments. Garnering thousands of students, David’s training courses continue to create new success stories each and every day. If you are on a mission to free yourself from the confines of a nine to five job, it may be worthy of your consideration to check out THATLifestyleNinja and Kevin David as a worthy option for the development of your knowledge.

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