judner aura

Judner Aura is just your average guy who loves tech. Located in the NYC area, Aura reviews technology with a focus on consumer-friendly language to make his videos accessible to all people, regardless of their level of expertise with technology. UrAvgConsumer can help anyone with their next tech purchase, whether they are a tech enthusiast or the tech enthusiast's grandmother.

Judner Aura

Professional Career

Aura’s journey as a tech YouTuber hasn’t always been an easy one, but he will say that it’s been very rewarding. He launched his YouTube channel while studying marketing at Drexel University back in 2012. He has always been a guy who loves the tech world so he figured, why not turn his passion into a business? When he was in college, he quickly discovered that there was a need in the YouTube tech community for videos about gadgets that are accessible to everyday people, regardless of age or experience. Before long, UrAvgConsumer was born. From there, he started creating YouTube videos that covered everything from the latest Apple product launches to video game releases.

Walk of Life

Today, his YouTube channel has over 730,000 subscribers and 67 million video views. His success continues to come from his passion for the tech industry. Relentless drive is what really got his business off the ground and moving in the right direction. He now works with some pretty incredible brands that allow him to create even more content for my followers. While that’s great, the fact that people actively watch his videos and take what he says with some weight is a true accomplishment and point of pride for him. If you are looking to expand your business and entrepreneurial ventures, it may be worthy of your time and consideration to think of Judner Aura as a mentor or coach for your business.

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