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Jay Mazini is a 25-year-old Instagram star and entrepreneur from Palestine. He has brought himself up from humble beginnings through a hard work ethic, patience, as well as financial knowledge. Jay was fascinated by business and finance from a very young age, and he began working at the mere age of fourteen years old. By the age of 24, he had converted $400 that he had earned at age fourteen into $8 million.


Professional Career

Within a matter of a decade, Mazini managed to increase his money exponentially. And because of his immense and extraordinary success, many people have started to follow his steps in order to gain financial success. At the age of fourteen, Mazini began to make plans by investing $400 he had on thermal sweaters and flip-flops. At the age of fifteen, he began to sell those products to the Dominicans up by Webster in any kind of weather. At age seventeen, he began selling leather with a few young entrepreneurs. And at age nineteen, he began investing in the stock market. In the process, he lost and gained through the process of learning and investing wisely.

Walk of Life

Currently, he has established a clothing store called Mazzini Italy, which is a project he partnered with a rapper named Dave East. In addition to this, he has developed and established a financial program named Crytzo to assist people to invest in their future and lives. When growing up, Mazini became an Instagram star who began to earn a  lot of fame and attention because of his inspiring posts about current social issues. And now, he has garnered almost one million followers on his Instagram profile alone. Mazini has reached these heights of success by building multiple sources of income and getting involved in different businesses from a very young age. His clothing store, named Mazini Italy, has made him a large amount of revenue. Aside from his businesses, he has invested a large amount of money into the stock market, which has skyrocketed his financial success. At the moment, Mazini has a net worth of over $8 million. If you are interested in learning more about entrepreneurial success and how you can achieve it, as well as educating yourself on the stock market, Jay Mazini may be worth your consideration as a mentor or coach!

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ha ha
ha ha
3 months ago

he in prison and looking at 20 years. good riddence scammerRrRrRr