Jay Jay


Jay Jay is an Australian Brand growth coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of The Jay Jay Agency, which helps individuals and brands get online presence and published on popular demand to get them more sales and recognition.


Professional Career

Jay Jay says to have spoken in over 30 countries on big stages. And he has worked with fortunate 500 companies, but that wasn’t how it had always been. Jay Jay was first stuck with getting famous and recognized by his target audience. He tried running ads, TV commercials, podcasts, and still nothing. That was when Jay Jay discovered the power of being recognized as an authority in his niche.

Walk of Life

Jay found out how to take his brand online and skyrocket it to the game. And today, Jay Jay is inspired by his struggles and designed his brand to help others solve the same problem. Jay Jay has attributed his online presence to changing his life and getting him to work with clients like Google and Starbucks. Jay offers services that help people get featured in the top viewed magazines like Disrupt, Medium, YOLO daily, Forbes USA, Forbes India, and others. Allowing brands to attract more organic traffic and increase their brand sales. Jay Jay Lives YouTube channel has over 50 million views. And he also has growing 185 thousand Instagram followers and has helped entrepreneurs get featured online in popular magazines. Jay Jay is recommended by big brands due to his expertise. And if you are considering bringing your brand to the limelight, Jay Jay might have resources to help you achieve your goal.

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