Erik Bergman

Erik Bergman is a swedish investor and entrepreneur. He is the founder of and has a net worth estimated to 400 million dollars in 2019. Erik is the perfect example of one coming from humble beginnings. Coming from a low-income family from Sweden, his early life was spent in the Swedish suburbs, his parents working ordinary 9-5 jobs.

Professional Career

Erik Bergman spent the first seven  years of his life quite problem-free, he enjoyed his social life and freedom. But then, all of a sudden Bergman began to become frustrated and upset all of the time, fighting with anyone who crossed his path before his family moved when he was 13 years old. As a teenager, he began at his new school and started to do quite well there socially. At the age of 17, Erik began playing poker, as he always enjoyed card games and was fond of math in general. He became quite good at the game and was earning significant amounts of money per month by the age of 18. And suddenly, the poor kid from the countryside was the wealthiest of them all. He spent all his money on things like champagne, fancy clothes, a car, an apartment and a luxurious TV. Money became his identity and he was so proud of it! But at the age of 19, Bergman stopped winning. And with no steady income stream of new money coming into his bank account, he soon became broke. It was the toughest time of his life, without the money, his identity was gone. So he got his first job, put his first month’s salary back into the poker account, and began winning yet again. This lasted for one year before the streak ended, but this time he hadn’t spent all the money, his identity was no longer bound with it. He didn’t love the game anymore, he wanted to do something practical. He wanted to start a business…

Walk of Life

Erik Bergman has a bit of entrepreneurship within his life, when he was five he would gather empty soda cans and return them to the store for $0.05 each. However, it was just now when it became real. It was his childhood friend Emil, they both were unaware of what they had to do, they just wanted to do something entrepreneurial. So they tried to start many businesses and projects but all of their business ideas have failed. It was when they started doing things on their own that it took off, they built guides on Bingo online, and aimed to have it rank on Google. This became their passion and they had a lot of fun playing around with it, that they would work on it day and night. Their joy was the goal and the money became a result of that. 2010 and 2011 were the most enjoyable years of their lives, they were playing around with everything and if something made money, they did more of it, if it didn’t, they threw it away. By 2012. It had reached some significant amounts of money and they had made quite a lot of it, yet, they still felt the need to create something “real”, a business with many employees but had no idea to go about it.

They found the people that could help them become a proper business and they sold their company to them. Everything changed and they realized their full potential. The investors made them recognize what they could scale to. 2013 was a chaotic year with far too many expenses and revenues that did not reach the heights they had planned. They almost went bankrupt and this was the most stressful time of Erik Bergman’s life, but he managed to turn it around. 2014 and 2015 were just a step towards an upward trend, they reached their goals and much more, the company became well known. Bergman now has over 449k followers on Instagram where he inspires his audience to find their passion, stop overthinking, make money online, and become better versions of themselves. So if you are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and scaling up your business, Erik Bergman may be a worthy mentor or coach for you.

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