November 30, 2020


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The following blog post is a cost free solution, step-by-step guide, to begin your digital marketing and SEO optimization journey. 

Do you want to create a popular blog about turtles? Make money from those cute fluffy turtle pillows you see on Amazon. You’ve always dreamt about selling them on your own website but didn’t know-how. After you read this blog you’ll have a solid foundation and understanding of how to get started driving traffic so you can finally sell them yourself.

First thing that comes to mind when you want to become “popular” in the digital world is, of course, paid-Ads. They are effective but unfortunately, they cost money. If you are even a little familiar with Digital Marketing, your 2nd guess must be SEO. That’s right, Search Engine Optimization. It costs no money and when accomplished correctly, the results are truly amazing. If you are new to the online world and you are wondering how to become a digital marketer, this blog is written for you, so if you follow this guide step by step, you will become a master in digital marketing.



First, let’s discuss what it takes to create a website. Of course, the first step is deciding on your niche. Are you going to make an online store, local business, or a blog? What about Turtles!? Let’s talk about turtles!

Where do people hang out in the turtle niche?  YouTube?

Organically speaking, digital marketing is the art of compelling or creating content about your business and sharing it with the public in order to earn customer trust and traffic to your brand. Now you have the basic background about this form of advertising, let’s dive into it.

2.Build Your Website & Optimize It

optimize your website

It’s crucial to execute this part perfectly if you want to have an SEO-friendly website and rank higher on search results. Since we wanted to keep all this cost-free, you can use WordPress, therefore you won’t need a developer. Here are 7 steps that you need to follow when you are developing your website:

  • Research & Analysis

     Obviously, the first part is doing your homework. Get out there, see what your competitors are doing and learn from them.

  • Content Creation

     Consumers know how to identify top quality content so do not drop the ball on that one. All the content you create must be there for a purpose, and SEO optimized.

  • Creative Design

     If you don’t see it in yourself to design something unique then there is no shame in asking for help or hiring someone. 

  • Development

Ok, this part might be a bit complicated but you can follow these steps to ease the process: 

1- Choose a domain name. 

2- Register a domain and sign up with web hosting. 

3- Customize your website design and structure. 

4- Add important pages and content. 

5- Set up a navigation menu. 

6- You need to make sure that your website is functional, user-friendly, fast, and easy to find.

  • On-page SEO

     What it actually means is that you need to optimize all of your website pages in order to achieve a higher rank and get more organic traffic through search engines. That’s our plan, right? Getting organic traffic so we won’t have to pay for ads or influencers.

  • Pages

You need an ‘about us’ page for people to know what your website is about. You need a blog page which helps significantly with your SEO. You need a ‘contact us’ page for people that wanted to reach out to you.

  • Launch

It doesn’t really matter what you think of the website, the true worth of a website depends on the user experience and the profits it delivers to them. You need to make it responsive & appealing to your target audience.

You can use these websites to find people who work in these sectors.


3.Link Building

link building

This part is essential for local businesses and it plays a huge part in your digital marketing. You need to put your location and website out there for people to find your business easier. List your website on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Groupon, and similar apps. Create accounts and leave links wherever possible across all social media and internet forums using the same username. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora, and anywhere else you can find in your niche where people congregate. If your name is Mentorcoursereview, for example, keep it Mentorcoursereview across all platforms. If it’s TurtleKing, stay with TurtleKing wherever you sign up a new account.

You need to make quality blogs. NEVER plagiarize because google can tell if you stole it from someone else. It will not be optimized and searchable on Google if you use plagiarized work. The better the blog’s quality and the more shares, views, likes, comments, and upvotes the higher you rank. Collaborate with other websites and pages and share links to make a digital circle between your networking groups.

4.Use Influencers was registered in google in 4 days due to correct SEO and utilization of influencer marketing. A popular Instagram Influencer, Forex Trader @cuebanks promoted, and the next day we were registered in google. By the 5th day, we had 600 site users and 24 registered users in the first week.

The numbers could’ve been bigger if I paid to trend influencers but remember we’re trying to position in Google for free or as low cost as possible. Search hashtags on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to find influencers in the chosen niche and reach out through direct message.

5.Tell Your Friends.

use influences

That doesn’t cost anything right? Put your link into different browsers on different computers, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and tell your friends to search it and if possible, promote you on their personal accounts. Remember, in the end, digital marketing comes down to networking and engaging. Sending emails and making conversations with others is how you get noticed. People won’t know or love something they haven’t heard of, so you need to put yourself on their radar. Word of mouth travels faster and is bigger than any online promotion.

6.Be Helpful.

be helpful

Search posts on Quora or publications in your niche and on forums. Give helpful answers and when the time is right you can leave your link. Do not spam!! Always be polite and use words like please, thank you and you’re welcome.



Always, always remember to use the right keywords. I can’t stress this enough, whatever you publish needs to be SEO friendly in order to achieve your digital marketing goals. For example, if you are making a post about red ear slider turtle food in 2020, make your title exactly what someone would search on google. Red Ear Slider Turtle Food 2020, or Indoor Red Ear Slider Turtle Food 2020.

You could also make your own topic. Use keywords: Red Ear Slider Turtle. This will be searched better than green turtles with red ears. You need to use keywords the exact way people search from google. Remember the best way to increase your audience, is to offer valuable or free knowledge. If you go out of your way to help someone, they will help you too.

We are almost done but before we wrap it up, let’s talk a little more about SEOIt’s important to keep in mind that SEO marketing is not a quick fix and it hardly provides immediate results. It usually takes about 6-12 months. Why? Because link building and optimizing your content takes that much time. Just like developing your website, the SEO process begins with research and deep-diving into your niche. You need to put your inspectors’ hat on and examine everything until you are able to put together a map for your website’s SEO.

Don’t forget the Technical SEO. Rankings can improve by optimizing your site’s back-end, like improving page speed. By fixing these errors and problems, it makes it easier for search engines when they visit your website and of course, it will result in higher ranks for your website. I hope this blog helps you in your path to becoming a digital marketing expert. Good luck in your conquest of becoming number one in the turtle industry. We’ll see you on the other side of the pond!


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