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Five years ago from today David Omari took the leap of faith and began a career on YouTube. Since that time, Omari has never looked back, his life has completely changed. Omari has mastered what works and what does not work for years and is always learning new techniques to perfect his craft. The best thing about Omari’s YouTube business is; he is able to automate one hundred percent of all of his channels, only focusing on content that works so that he is able to focus on scaling more channels.

david omari

Professional Career

These channels allow him to be financially free, and be able to work wherever he wants as long as he has WIFI. People believe it is too good to be true or it is too late to start a YouTube channel but with Omari’s YouTube Mastery Program he has helped tons of people reach the turning point of success within their YouTube channels and the goal is to take one-hundred clients to $100,000 per year off YouTube and then to 7 figures. Omari remembers when he used to work a nine-to-five, it was the worst experience ever for him. Living paycheck to paycheck was no fun for Omari. Being told when to work even worse being told when he could have a day off was miserable. But then he discovered YouTube. Monetized his hobby and made more money than he ever made working for anyone. Became his own boss! Omari works when he feels like it, and takes off when he feels like it. Making what he made every two weeks in five minutes or less. Working from the comfort of his own home, or working from anywhere in the world, Omari has owned financial freedom. Wherever he felt like working as long as he had WiFi or phone service he could. So when the Global COVID-19 Pandemic hit and affected the entire world Omari was already in the best position possible. Multiple Cash Cow YouTube channels were still bringing in consistent cash flow and still are to this day. When he started my YouTube career five years ago Omari was very persistent. With what he knows now, if he would have known everything back then he would be exactly where he is now within one year of starting his YouTube career. Time is the most expensive thing in life. You will never get it back. So why waste it?

Walk of Life

Omari has grown multiple channels within the past five years. Omari convinced over one million people to click a red subscribe button. He has had a quarter of a billion people click on his videos. He has also scaled well over six figures in revenue! When Omari first started his YouTube career he did everything off of my iPhone. He literally gained 50,000 Subscribers from voice recording, video editing, & thumbnail designing apps on an iPhone  You don’t require the best of the best equipment to begin. After he made my first $10,000 from YouTube off of my iPhone Omari invested back into my business and purchased new equipment which helped him scale my first channel to six figures. Now Omari runs multiple YouTube channels that create consistent cash flow that bring him income passively every day. All because he executed the first step which was starting. If you are looking to expand your digital and online business and entrepreneurial ventures, it may be worthy of your time and consideration to think of David Omari as a mentor or coach for your business.

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