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David Meltzer, co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and host of Entrepreneur's podcast, “The Playbook”, is a Top 100 Business Coach, global public speaker and three-time international best-selling author who has been honored by Variety as “Sports Humanitarian of the Year”.


Professional Career

David Meltzer is an American business mentor, keynote speaker, and host of the entrepreneur podcast The Playbook. David is also the Co-founder of sports 1 marketing and the former CEO of the Leigh Steinberg sports and entertainment agency. David Meltzer became a multi-millionaire at the age of 32. But then, he lost all his money and went broke again. He learned the power of balancing work and family which helped him make all the money back again. David is hosted on many public events due to his skills in capturing attention with his genuine view of building relationships. As well as his level of charity in helping others rise. David Meltzer now has clients testifying to having opened their eyes to look at the world from a better point of view. And helping them become better husbands, fathers and team members.

Living life on the extra mile and putting in the extra effort will help you get where you want to go.

David Meltzer

Walk of Life

David Meltzer is the author of the best-selling books Connected to Goodness, Game Time Decision Making, and Compassionate Capitalism. They are all focused on the business and lifestyle industry with a life mission to empower one billion people to be happy through his podcast series, consultation, public keynote speaking, and mentorship programs on how they can make money and live a fun lifestyle. David’s entrepreneur podcast “The Playbook” is said to be packed with interviews with other popular mentors in most professions and niches like Gary Vee, Maria Sharapova, Tony Hawk, and others. David Meltzer is on a journey to help one billion people in life. And he has a ton of resources to help them. So if you are looking to grow influential in your niche, David’s resources and mentorship might be worth checking out.

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7 months ago

I have been following him on instagram for 6 months and I would say he is both humble and hungry to inspire others

7 months ago

I always go to David’s page to get my fuel for my day. He is a legend! The man’s business had the movie Jerry Maguire written about it. His sales course is number one and he really knows his stuff. Join his free weekly training and you will see.