Cue Banks


Cue Banks takes over USA Through WSA Successful Forex Trader Quillan Roberto Black well known as Cue Banks is the founder of Wall Street Academy (WSA) based in the United States of America which has played a significant role in the trading lives of many American citizens involved in Forex Trading.


Professional Career

Cue Banks started his career and taught himself business by reselling iPhones. Now Cue is a professional and well-known forex trader and founder of Forever in Profit as well as Wall Street Academy.  Banks may be a high earner from trading and his companies now, but his life was not always like this. After investing $1000 and making $800 profit in the first week Banks began trading online and quit his job. He gained a lot of inspiration from financial influencers on FaceBook that were making money through the power that online platforms provide. He first took up flipping iPhones to earn enough to pay his bills, however, he began to invest more and more of his money into developing his knowledge of trading and investing. This resulted in Banks accumulating a large amount of expertise in this field, which began to make him more successful and lucrative.

Walk of Life

Banks is an amazing example of someone that utilized online platforms to their advantage and created a large empire from just his laptop. If you are looking to follow in Banks’ footsteps and develop your expertise regarding investment and trading, Cue Banks may be a legitimate option as your coach. His expertise and experience may make him ideally suited for your consideration.

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7 months ago

I’ve been trading for about 4 years, and haven’t been consistent at all. Been through stocks, options, penny stocks, you name it! Came across a ton of fake forex mentors so it was hard to believe cue banks was actually a real one. Let me tell you, cue banks is as real as it gets. Since I began his course last year, it changed me in ways I never imagined. You think to yourself why does he do this for us and tell us exactly how he trades? He actually cares for his students and you will learn that in so many ways when you join the group. No one compares to the amount of work put in for their students. I guarantee he will help you trade much better if you put in the work.

7 months ago

I made the 5DC – in fur words “Cue banks Chang’ my vision in my life”

Reply to  Loryfx
5 months ago

What is 4DC?

7 months ago

Best course and man in the forex game today (and ryan😅😁) he will tell you the truth bluntly 🤷🏻‍♂️but before you criticize Cue ask yourself first would you rather put urself thru thousands of dollars of college courses only to get a low paying job? Or spend a couple hundred learning a lifetime trade that moves with the global economy anytime and any year? Keep it up Cue and WSA

Jennifer Smith
Reply to  harshal1111
4 months ago

FOH do you know anything lmao

7 months ago

I joined the Forever In Profit family in 2016 and became a WSA member shortly after. Cue’s style of trading appealed to me because he taught a method of trading that reoccured often in the market yet required discipline. Years later, the mantra, no retest-no entry is still a huge part of my trading system. Cue is a no nonsense, straight shooter that requires his students to put in the work and earn the lifestyle possible by trading the forex market. He’s inspired people all over the world and I’m proud to call myself a WSA student.

7 months ago

Cue is the real deal. His course is the main source of forex knowledge & the results speak for themselves…recently flipped $820 to $6500 within ONE day.
& the best part about WSA is that instead of being full of himself, cue has remained humble & still takes time out of his day to answer questions his students have. You’ve changed my life brother, much love bredren

7 months ago

Dude, like are you really someone who needs to read a review about a mentor to see if they’re “worthy” of your viewership? You came here for help…Cue is the real deal. Just like anything in life is take effort…do your part and be DILIGENT in your studies and unfortunately you’ll be great.

7 months ago

Cue WSA course is transparent as day and you can actually relate to him especially if u are from the Caribbean. I love the way he makes his mentees progress in life just as how he is progressing. I really do appreciate u cue thanks for your hard work brother 🔥🔥

7 months ago

WSA is hands down one of the best investments you can ever make for yourself if your desire is to become a great trader. Cue has been through the journey and his course paves the way for others to do the same. He is always dropping knowledge, inspiring and motivating his students to become the best that they can be. You can tell he ultimately wants all his students to succeed.

7 months ago

Cue is like that big brother who will tell you exactly what you will need to hear in regards to life and trading! He is a BEAST at what he does and way ahead of his time! He has a Wealth of knowledge when it comes to Forex l. WALL STREET ACADEMY IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE! Everything you need to be a profitable successful trader.

Last edited 7 months ago by mentorcoursereview
7 months ago

The mans a real one , took me out the streets , lol no ALL FACTS

7 months ago

His course is absolutely amazing.The course is very detailed and in order of importance.Plus he has like 70 to 80 webinars with him answering any and all questions from his students.If u dont understand something keep watching more than likey you will find the answer.He also has a fb community with tons of students who you can also post questions and get answers or simply tag Cue and he will answer directly when he gets a chance.Hands down the one and only course you will ever need. IF you are Beginner,intermediate or advance he got u.Plus he still pop in from time to time to do new webinars.

7 months ago

Hello everyone, I hope some find this review helpful. Ill be as honest as possible. I want to start out by saying this course is exactly what you are looking for. When I first purchased the course, I was ignorant to much of the information in this course. I was solely focused on HOW he cue entered the markets not WHERE he entered. For the reason, that is all I got out of the course at the beginning. I have recently discovered that his course is much more detailed than I originally thought. The past two weeks I have grinded out the course and now have a much deeper understanding of the forex market. He goes over market structure to a point you didnt think was necessary. He lays out everything you need to know exactly where you are in the markets. This helps out more than you know…. Now, please keep in mind, im not a novice trader when I actually comprehended his course due to my past experiences. If you are a new trader, this course is simple yet can seem advanced. If you have no prior experience, this course is everything you need. However, it will take time. How much time? well that depends on you and your work ethic. Trading is a marathon not a sprint. Dont think this course will make you rich in a week or month. Remember, Cue is very detailed and therefore there is a lot you have to master. Finally, there is no need to go switching course to course. I promise, if properly applied and comprehended, this course is all you need. Good luck on your trading endeavors!

Last edited 7 months ago by Charlie cortina
7 months ago

Cue’s mentorship and teachings has literally been the most transformational part of my trading career. Taking his course taught me the ins and outs of the forex market and taking his in person course turned me into a savage in these markets. This man will Forever be the best teacher hands down!

7 months ago

I joined Cue course few years back and since then this course open my eyes on the markets! I appreciate Him everyday of my life! Thank you Cue Banks!!! Greetings from London UK!

Jennifer Smith
4 months ago

Overpriced course, unrealistic story of Cue banks and negative reviews. Fake positive ones too. Don’t understand why all the positive comments. Clearly not what it seems to be

7 months ago

I want to start off by saying that CUE is a stand up guy!! The way I came across his page, well I was really on the fence about who I was going to choose to be my FOREX teacher because it seems there are so many. I got CUE’s course because he had his phone number on his IG account and I called him and he answered. It was not an answering service, it wasn’t a voicemail. I was impressed w/ that on top of the fact that he happened to be on vacation in Jamaica with his family. BOTTOM LINE — I wanted to learn from someone like that, someone who IS SUCCESSFUL, TRANSPARENT, HONEST and from what he shares on his media – he seems like a good person.
The fact that he had his number on his IG page said a lot for me. He takes calls and/or replies to text’s/DM’s.
Besides that, I had followed interviews he did on youtube and I liked his vibe, his approach on presentation and I also saw a few of his students who took the 5 day course start teaching themselves and doing their own classes (5DC) as he does or did, which I thought was AMAZING!!!
HE REALLY LIKES what he does or he likes the rewards he gets from trading enough to want to learn more and become better at honing his skills.
I got his course in December of 2019. I am still learning & absorbing and repetitively reviewing. When it clicks – IT CLICKS!
He has a knack for teaching and simplifying and I feel it is his love of trading.
With the purchase of his WallStreet Academy online class he has a FaceBook Group / Community of students where he comes on and answers questions or helps /assists where the error is in trade screenshots that some students post. He still actively has group meetings (webinars) with students and sets up opportunity to ask him questions on his trades etc. Bottom line he is active and participates and truly wants his students to be successful, it’s not just get the class and your on your own. All the INFO is there — you just gotta hit the webinars and review, review, review, back test, study, review.
I really hate that Covid-19 happened because I was really looking forward to the opportunity of taking his 5 day course… I think I would do better if I had that classroom 9-5 / 5 day class pressure… But if he did it this way, then I can too. I am super content with the money I invested in his class and I KNOW I will be successful with his guidance.

King cap
7 months ago

Was looking for a few months for someone that knew what they were doing to teach me how to trade. I reached out to a young lady named Candice B, She’s a FX trader that has a lot of good content on YouTube. She told me that she didn’t teach or mentor, but gave me the Instagram name of a young man named cue banks. I bought his course, and I am amazed at my progress. I knew nothing about trading, and to be almost done with the course, I feel confident in the knowledge I’ve gained to apply it to the market to bring about significant change to my life!

7 months ago

Que is the best mentor I came across… He is very transparent… When he says go over his course before you ask questions, he really means it…. every question I had was answered in his online course and now I’m consistent in the market…. This course is the truth and it’s going to make me a six to seven figure trader…. Thank you Cue

7 months ago

I was introduced to trading by a co-worker and was really excited to learn more about trading forex, i signed up to a program that was mainly focused on MLM and didn’t really learn much, I wanted to continue my journey but with that company didn’t see it happening, I found out about Cue banks on a YouTube video and immediately decided to follow him just because the way he speaks and expresses himself, i felt that I was able to comprehend him and decided to join the WSA and learn from someone that seemed very passionate about trading, I’ve learned so much in the year I’ve been a member that I honestly didn’t think I was going to become a consistent profitable trader but thanks to Cue I have leveled up as a trader and every week I could honestly say I learn something new! Thanks Cue #ForeverGrateful