Christos Nikas

Teacher, content creator, event professional, and graphic designer from Athens-Greece, Christos Nikas is a natural born educator but also a never-ending student, Nikas has been teaching creatives since 2004. Nikas loves Instagram, Business, Teaching, and Creating content. His community on Instagram calls me "The Instagram Professor" and you are about to find out why. Nikas had managed to grow my Instagram account from 500 followers to almost 80K -organically-, in 10 months, and lost it overnight. So Nikas set up a new page and grew it to 20K in 40 days.

Christos Nikas

Professional Career

Nikas is also the author of “ It’s SHOWTIME”. An E-Book on Instagram content and community building strategies, for service-based businesses, that got more than 1,000 orders from more than 40 countries, in its first 30 days. Last but not least, in the last 12 months, Nikas managed to build on Instagram a brand new, six-figure business, from coaching,  e-books, and content creation services. Nikas used to be living and breathing design and studied Visual Communication and Design Management, with a postgraduate degree in Computer Graphics & Animation and damn… Nikas loved every single moment of coming up with names for companies, designing logos, business cards, brochures, magazine ads, and other marketing material. Nikas’ best memories though are being in the classroom, teaching graphic design to young passionate creatives. Nikas has been teaching creatives since 2004, and been in the weddings & events industry since 1996 starting as a freelance DJ and then as a small business owner with Showtime, Wedding Republic, and MirrorBooth. In 2017 Nikas decided to stop packing dance floors and focus entirely on managing my two firms but also on sharing my knowledge & experience helping other creative professionals grow their businesses. This is when the first DJ Convention in Greece was born, followed by several conventions (creative business conference, Wedding Circle, etc) Workshops, and Masterminds.

Walk of Life

On December 15, 2019, Nikas decided to shift into English content on Instagram and fell in love with its power and the magic of community. Nikas had 500 followers then and Nikas was on his way to one-hundred-thousand followers with both his pages. Following hours and thousands invested in coaching, several courses, and an insane amount of time studying “How Instagram works and Why”, Nikas has focused my energy on helping others grow and succeed on this amazing platform. Daily high-value content, a variety of digital products, and coaching solutions are now available for you to enjoy from Nikas. When Nikas is not creating content, teaching, coaching, or creating my next product, he invests his time playing with his daughter, taking long walks with his lovely wife and business partner, reading countless books and blogs on Instagram, creative business, communication, sales and marketing, and learning from the best industry educators worldwide, so he can always be able to help you better. If you are looking to expand your business and entrepreneurial ventures, it may be worthy of your time and consideration to think of Christos Nikas as a mentor or coach for your business.

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3 months ago

Christos is a IG GENIUS . He live from Greece . Big inspirations . Kalí týchi!