Caleb Boxx


Caleb Boxx began his business ventures in 2016 when he learned personally from high-level YouTube stars like MrBeast with over 40 million subscribers. He then took that knowledge and stumbled upon a business model called YouTube Automation a way to outsource the work of having to make traditional YouTube videos and be able to make money online without having to do hours of work.

Professional Career

His YouTube coaching helps YouTubers automate their channel and be able to create videos without having to spend time or show their faces in videos. Caleb Boxx is the founder of the YouTube automation mastermind group – whose goal is to teach others how to do YouTube automation. Caleb Boxx – who is currently a 20-year-old Millionaire – grew up in a small town of Kansas City. But Caleb didn’t want to go through life the traditional way of going to school and getting a job after graduation. So, he decided to be an entrepreneur. Caleb Boxx built a Minecraft server game for kids at the age of 11 – which made him his first 400 dollars as an entrepreneur. Caleb decided to drop out of school at 16 to commit to his YouTube channel automation business. He invested $200 to learn the business. And by 18, he started the business where he – as the CEO – hires freelancers to create content for his YouTube channels. Now Caleb Boxx owns The YouTube Automation Academy – where he teaches other YouTubers how to grow and monetize their channel.

Walk of Life

Caleb has built multiple YouTube channels with YouTube automation to 100K subscribers and has worked with clients like Preston with over 13 million subscribers and Mr. Beast with a growing 40 million subscribers. Caleb Boxx teaches his strategies through his YouTube Automation Academy – where he helped YouTubers as Foeko grows from 500 subscribers to a million subscribers in one year. According to his website, he makes $20,000 in a month from his own automated YouTube channels. Caleb Boxx is friends with top YouTubers like Kwebbelkop, Ryantrahan, Haley Pham, and Mr. Beast. He currently has a growing 109 thousand Instagram followers. Caleb Boxx guides people through growing their different YouTube channels in his YouTube Automation Academy – which might be worth attending if you are looking to get into the YouTube automation business.

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7 months ago

has anyone taken the caleb boxx course? I want to know what he teaches? please somebody help!

7 months ago

Always has youtube awards around him. He is a genius

Jennifer Smith
Reply to  Vic
5 months ago

He is! Can’t wait to hook up with him