March 2, 2021


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“Your life is as good or as bad as your MINDSET.” Everything that happens in your life is manifested by the way you think. Your mindset determines how you see and perceive life. Then, why not have a positive one?

Basically, there are two types of mindsets in people i.e., fixed mindset and growth mindset. Fixed mindset as the name suggests, never let’s you reach your full potential. On the other hand, be it career, wealth, health, love or whatever it might be you want in your life, having a growth mindset can drastically increase your odds of leading a successful life.
But What is a growth mindset in the first place?
Growth mindset is said to be the state of mind where you see everything in life with a positive and growth perspective. This mindset makes you believe that you keep growing in life every single day. People with a growth mindset tend to see an abundance of opportunities in their life.

Why is a growth mindset so important in life?
● To increase your chances of being successful
● To live a more fulfilling life.
● To always keep improving
● To enhance your creative power.
● To embrace and thrive through the darkest times of your life.
● To see the bright side of everything in your life.
With that being said, let’s learn how to build a growth mindset in 7 steps:

STEP 1: Understand And Embrace Your Imperfections:
The key to building a growth mindset is to understand that there is a possibility to improve and growth in yourself. Nobody is ever made perfect. We all have our own imperfections. The best way to deal with them is to reflect on ourselves to find and embrace them in the first place. This helps you to understand the areas of improvement in yourself.
This step is so crucial because we’re talking about mindset here. So, it should first start from inside i.e., ourselves. When you learn to embrace and deal with your imperfections and get better, you see everything around also can be improved in your life.
STEP 2: Be A Constant Learner
After all, building a growth mindset is all about improving your life constantly. There’s no better way to do it than make yourself indulge in constant learning. Be it a new skill, a new language, a new method or whatever it might be, always keep yourself engaged into the learning process.

The best way to be a constant learner is to:
● Read new books.
● Listen to great podcasts.
● Always have your curiosity awaken.
● Meet new people and learn about different cultures.
● Have an open mind to learning.
Personally, I prefer reading books as my main course to be a constant learner.

STEP 3: Seek Challenges As Opportunities To Grow
There’s no such thing in life called an “easy path” to SUCCESS. Whatever the goals you might pursue in life, there will always be challenges and hurdles to face. But instead of seeing them as stunting elements to your path, you should see them as an opportunity to grow yourself stronger to reach your goal. Because with every challenge you overcome, you become not only closer to your goals, but also learn many new ways to handle the obstacles.

STEP 4: Learn To Focus On The Process Rather Than The Results
If you attach yourself in the pursuit of success or end results, you’ll never truly live a fulfilling life. Because you always end up chasing one goal after the other. That’s why you need to learn to focus your mind on the process you go through for success. When you focus on the process, you tend to explore new ways to reach your goals and grow in life overall.
Make mistakes along the process but always make sure to learn the right lessons from your every mistake.

STEP 5: Learn To Gracefully Accept The Feedback
Building a growth mindset is all about finding ways to improve yourself and your life. When someone gives you feedback, accept it gracefully. Be it positive or negative ones. Feedbacks are essential to keep in check of our progress.
The best way to gracefully accept the feedback is to “Accept your need for improvement, learn from it and let go of any negative intentions behind it.” When you make yourself see the bright side of any situation in life, you tend to build a strong growth mindset.

STEP 6: Stop Comparing Your Life To Others
This is the part where the most of your positive mindset will perish. When you start comparing your life with others, you tend to see all the negative aspects of your life and impose a lot of negative impact on your thoughts. If you truly want to avoid that, never ever compare yourself to others.
Instead, I advise you to make constructive comparisons and take inspiration from them to grow yourself.
Last but the most important step.

STEP 7: Push Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Zone
When you start to develop a growth mindset, don’t let things that make you uncomfortable stop you in your way. Instead find your way to dive deep into unknown waters and explore. Don’t limit yourself. Always try to push beyond your limits. This will help you grow in life drastically. Even in situations when you think you can’t do it, have faith in yourself and push harder.
Start meeting new people, start exploring new places, try and experiment new strategies, etc. Always try to look for new and improved ways of execution.
Now that you know how to build a growth mindset, as a process of building your growth mentality start executing these steps right away. Without execution, nothing is possible.
I trust you found this article helpful. Feel free to share this with people who you think it can help.

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