Brennan Schlagbaum


Brennan Schlagbaum, AKA Budgetdog, is an American financial advisor, certified public accountant, and investment coach. He paid off over $75,000 of debt in 1 year. And he is dedicated to helping others pay off all debts and make more money, so they can experience their dream lifestyle come true.


Professional Career

Brennan Budgetdog’s family, just like every other American family, lived with tons of debts, which drained them mentally and paralyzed their goals to grow in life. Budgetdog and his wife decided to get past the mountain of their debts to be able to face many big plans in their future. So, they set a plan for that, went all out, and got rid of all debts within five years, following their plans. Today, Brennan is dedicated to helping millions of families grow their life to what they want it to be and show everyone how possible going debt free is by sharing the same principles he implemented.

Walk of Life

Schlagbaum is the founder of the Budgetdog academy, which is an online money-mastery academy that teaches its students how they could create a perfect budget plan to help them hit their financial goals by giving them the fundamentals of money-making. Budgetdog also teaches its students how to invest their money while paying off debt and has gotten reviews from clients that he helped get out of financial stress, pay off student loans, and understand their financial future. Brennan Schlagbaum is also the author of 0 to 30k followers, How I Did It And How You Can Too. So if you are looking to get free financial news and strategies to help you pay off debt or invest your money, Brennan (Budgetdog) might be the person to go to.

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6 months ago

He gives really good financial advice.