Brodie Kern was born to a teenage couple and raised in Santa Cruz, California. He attended the University of Missouri. But he wasn't able to complete his education due to alcohol and drug addiction. However, he didn't allow his addictions and shortcomings to hold him back from financial and personal success, and he has become an incredibly successful performance coach, serial entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.


Professional Career

Throughout his career, Kern has run many businesses. Some of these businesses include a Telecom marketing agency, a high-risk payment processing company, and a commercial real estate brokerage. Kern is also the founder of a personal development Company named Wake Up Wealthy, which provides a coaching program for entrepreneurs where he mentors and teaches inspired individuals how to rejuvenate their body, business, and mind, a one-stop-shop for a wealthy and healthy lifestyle. Wake Up Wealthy has gained international accolades and recognition, under Kern’s leadership, as the most transformational coaching company by Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes Magazine.

Walk of Life

Kern has traveled across the country for talks and meetings, where he shared his perspective on fear, addiction, motivation, entrepreneurship, and personal development. He had the innate ability to leverage his past experiences with his battle against alcohol and drugs to motivate, empower, and inspire people. Kern has established himself as a successful entrepreneur after receiving many recognitions. Some of these recognitions include being named number one Coach for Men in Business and being named “one of the top entrepreneurs that will inspire you in COVID-19” by Yahoo Finance, as well as Wake Up Wealthy being featured in “Yahoo Finance’s Top Companies to Watch in 2020”. If you are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and business-management, it may be worth your time to consider Brodie Kern as a mentor or coach for your startup!

Connect With Brodie Kern


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