Bashar J Katou

Helping 1000s make $1000s, Bashar J Katou has established himself as a reputable and trustworthy mentor, teaching young inspiring entrepreneurs how to effectively sell on Amazon. Being a professional Amazon FBA seller and having mentored over 597 successful students, Katou has developed and built a business that generates over $10,000 per month, working from home.

Bashar J Katou

Professional Career

There are times when we think of eCommerce as a tumble and rough environment. Between the hyper-competitive nature, occasionally unethical and fraud sellers, as well as the expenses of attempting to get your products recognized, for inspiring digital entrepreneurs it can feel like a hostile environment.

Walk of Life

An Amazon FBA seller that was born and raised in Iraq and prior to his 16th birthday was twice kidnapped at gunpoint and is now a very successful seller and coach with a seven-figure business. An immigrant to the United States, Katou transformed his life from working 120-hour weeks attempting to create a restaurant business to doing a quick tour of the various ways to make money selling Amazon FBA. Finally, after settling on Amazon private label, Katou has now begun helping others with their own journey as a mentor and coach. If you are interested in learning the ins and outs of selling on Amazon, it may be worthy of your time and consideration to think of Bashar J Katou as your mentor or coach.

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