Araceli Velazquez

Araceli Velazquez is a life coach and entrepreneur that is always attempting to add and provide value to others in whatever way she can. Velazquez, the 23 year-old fitness model, entrepreneur, personal development coach, and world traveler, has an abundance to offer to the business and fitness world. Throughout her studies, Velazquez has learned that there are no coincidences in life and that everything that has happened to her has had a reason. Velazquez has been a personal trainer, scaled three drop shipping businesses, built a six figure business, network marketing, brand influencer, business coach, as well as many more. With her extensive resume, Velazquez is here to assist you to grow in the areas of your life in order to accomplish your goals.

Araceli Velazquez

Professional Career

Velazquez has been able to manifest love, people, travel, experiences, money and much more through many practices and rituals. Along the way Velazquez has had to figure out a lot of this on her own, she has developed her skills through experience through which she can assist others in achieving their financial and fitness goals. Velazquez’s true calling in life is to assist individuals transform as well as achieve complete freedom in all aspects of life through her personal development coaching. One of Velazquez’s successful endeavors is Shape Shifter which was first created when she saw the incredible benefits of waist training, however, saw a lack of waist trainers in the fitness industry. Velazquez was a clinical massage therapist and personal therapist in the past, she consulted with patients who came to her with their body aches.

Walk of Life

The most common was lower back problems due to the fact that her clients lacked core stability in addition to bad posture. Her clients were consistently buying back supports with little to no results. Velazquez eventually made the decision to create her own brand by working with a manufacturer in order to design the ultimate waist trainer that is both effective and comfortable. Velazquez assists men and women that intend to shed that stubborn belly fat through the usage of contouring garments that assist you in supporting and shaping the waistline so that you can look and feel your best! If you are looking to build your entrepreneurial empire and develop yourself to become the best version of yourself in terms of fitness, Araceli Velazquez may be worthy of your consideration as a mentor or coach.

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