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Ali Abdaal is a doctor, YouTuber, and podcaster. He has managed to carve out a very profitable and lucrative niche on YouTube and has developed his personal brand so well, which now earned him over one million subscribers on YouTube alone. Abdaal’s YouTube presence has been very well crafted into a productivity and personal development channel for being an individual who enjoys exploring the principles, tools, and strategies that help people to live more happy, healthy, and productive lives.


Professional Career

Through this channel, Abdaal outlines how one can live life to its fullest and maximize the amount of work one can get done. While Abdaal is most well known for his YouTube videos, Abdaal also writes quite a bit about productivity, tech, effective study techniques, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and more on his blog. He started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of twelve by teaching himself how to code. And he began working as a freelance web designer and developer in his teenage years. In university, Abdaal began a company named 6med that assists students in applying to medical school, running a bunch of classroom courses and online question banks for the UCAT, BMAT, and interviews. These products are helping thousands of students every year.

Walk of Life

A YouTuber by profession, Ali Abdaal primarily uploads commentary vlogs about productivity, studying, as well as his daily life. Formerly, he uploaded technology reviews, commentary about medical school, and singing videos. Currently, Abdaal has created a course that has proved to be very lucrative to him, generating hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of profit. The course Abdaal created, The Part-Time YouTube Academy, revolves around how you can learn how to grow your YouTube channel from 0 to 100,000+ subscribers and transform it into a source of income without needing to quit your day job. Using his experience and expertise, Abdaal has built a very fruitful personal brand and developed a loyal audience. If you are looking to get into the YouTube space and become a successful YouTuber, it may be worthy of your consideration to look into Ali Abdaal and his course!

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