7 Ways To Get Your Creative Mind Working

January 9, 2021

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You may be wondering right about now how you can get your creative mind working. And as we approach a new year, it becomes even more important to start thinking creatively. Interestingly enough, LinkedIn reported that creativity is one of the most common skills listed on their members’ profiles.

Additionally, most job specifications indicate that creative thinking is an important skill set for their companies. We’ve seen how creativity can become a useful skill when used appropriately and how it can let you down when you do it aimlessly. The world has shifted immensely from us merely being creative and hoping for the best; instead, we’ve moved into a world where we need to be intentionally creative! What does that mean exactly? Intentional creativity is all about action; it’s about getting the inspiration to think up the boldest ideas that will work in the future. In other words, it is innovation.

That’s why in today’s post, we’ll be giving you seven ways to get your creative mind working, and this will help you be more innovative at work. Who knows, it could lead to your next promotion or even reaching higher levels in your business. Let’s get started!

1. Be curious

They say curiosity killed the cat, but in fact, being curious can be one of the best ways to awaken your creative side. How can one be more curious? Well, it’s about asking questions and being intentional about the questions you ask.

Often the best questions start with who, what, where, when, and how. Once you start getting into the habit of asking questions, you actually begin to learn so much about people. You step outside of your life and get other people’s perspectives.

The bonus is that people love interacting with you because you ask questions that help them think through their challenges.

2. Get outdoors and enjoy it.

The outdoors might seem like a scary place for some, but the simple act of heading out into your garden or taking a walk around the block can bring you new scenery and help you view your problems or challenges in a new way.

You may have been working on a project, and the ideas were not coming, but once you go out, you get the opportunity to experience new sensations like new smells, sounds, and even visuals.

Some people love to check out the mall to pass the time, while others love the local park. Whatever your preference, follow it and watch the ideas take form.

3. Become an idea machine

An idea machine is someone who thinks up ideas all the time. Usually, when you put yourself in a space to think up ideas, then you’ll find yourself overflowing with them.

The answer lies in who you spend your time with and the environment you are in. Have you ever found that you have high energy when you are with inspiring people and can take on the world? The ideas are flowing, and you feel more productive than ever.

While on the other end of the spectrum, when you are with people who drain your energy, it feels like a molehill has just become a mountain.

To become an idea machine, you have to watch your energy and find the best environment and people who bring this out in you.

4. Join forces with others

Collaboration is so important because, as we know, no man is an island. When you choose to join forces with others, you open up more possibilities and ideas. They may be working on a project that is so different from yours that it sparks up new connections and new trains of thought.

At times, when you collaborate, ideas merge and become bigger ideas. When this happens, your idea can take on a new life. If you work at a huge company, you may easily be able to find colleagues who would love to brainstorm a few ideas for a project over a cup of coffee. It works if you make the first move, send the first email, or start the first conversation. You never know where it may lead you.

5. Stimulate your brain with music

Music can change your focus. Research indicates that with the right aural waves, you can stimulate creativity. The good news for you is that you don’t have to search for the best music to stimulate creativity.

There are a few apps that can do this for you.

The most significant one is called Brain. Fm and they have compiled a list of music tracks that have been proven to help you focus better and make you more creative. 

It’s simple to download the app, and you get three days of free music to try it out. We suggest choosing the creativity category and choosing a creative task you hope to complete and press play. You’ll be amazed by what you get done in the next 90 minutes.

6. Make a vision board

Never underestimate the power of bringing the beautiful ideas you have inside your head down onto a visual medium that you can look at daily.

Many people choose to look at a variety of images in magazines and what speaks to them. They cut off their favorites and allocate them to specific areas of their life, such as family, wealth, career, spiritual enlightenment, and more.

Once they have this, they stick everything onto an A3 cardboard paper and put it in a place they can look at daily. The power comes in the repetitive nature of seeing your vision daily, and then subconsciously, it allows you to create more and do more towards your goals.

You can also do it electronically by using the Vision Board app.

7. Listen to TedTalks

TedTalks is a website where the best leaders and pioneers of innovation share their best ideas. A great example of a popular talk is from the esteemed business leader, “Simon Sinek.”

He shared his ideas about “How great leaders inspire action,” which essentially gained popularity and showed people how the best leaders always start their message because it will add value to their lives. If you think about Apple and how they communicate their message. It’s still about why it will serve you, and instead of merely being a gadget you consume, Steve Jobs has created a culture where people can feel something because of the Apple brand.

This is a powerful idea that can help you create. Yet there are even more powerful ideas on TedTalks that can blow your mind, as well as inspire you to create something new.

Final Thoughts

If 2020 has taught us anything, we need to be thinking outside of the box and even throwing out the box in favor of bold new ideas.

The reality is that creativity has become the norm in so many sectors of business. When you actively choose to improve your creative skills, that’s when you will see an uptick in your sales, career growth, and we would even say happiness. What are some of the first steps you can take to get started? The best way is to review the ideas we’ve shared in the list above, start with number one and try it out for a week. See how it goes and look at how it changes your creativity and how it helps your career or business.

Once you’ve succeeded in the first one, keep going and start practicing the rest of our shared ideas. By the time you reach the end of the list, you will have expanded your creativity skills exponentially.

If you loved this post on seven ways to get your creative mind working, please visit Creative Mind Habits for more content like this

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If You Want To Write A Blog Post For Mentor Course Review Send Us Below A Message With A Brief Description Of Your Post.

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