7 Ways To Find an Ideal Mentor

December 11, 2020

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The importance of a mentor for personal and professional reasons is an invaluable
asset. Otherwise, blindly searching for a mentor can seem like finding a needle in
a haystack, as conventional methods have shown. People tend to overlook this
critical point sometimes, but having someone to support you with their industry
experience is a golden ticket to ultimately achieving your goals. We have heard it
several times that a mentor can bring in changes to your overall business and
performance. It’s true, but how do you find a mentor!?

There are several ways to find a mentor for guiding you on your journey
potentially, but it’s not always easy to locate one that meets your needs. Here,
we’re taking a closer look at ideal ways you can find one with the required
expertise. Wasting precious time and money is what you want to avoid. There’s a lot of buzz going on about starting your own online business and a lot of people selling courses just to sell them and don’t care about actually helping people. Here, we can take a look at the 7 steps to finding a mentor for your online business.

1. Look Inside

The easiest way to find a mentor is by searching for one with Mentor Course
Review, buyers of such a service can search potential candidates, their work
history, and level of experience. This task alone can streamline the process by
saving you money and time weeding through countless unnecessary histories.
But rather than randomly going to a person for mentorship, be clear about the
qualities your mentor should possess. Mentor Course Review can allow you to
peruse through mentor profiles featured on the website and consumer ratings on
their experience working with a chosen mentor before you make a final decision.
In other words, it gives you the power in making a clear informed choice.
Lack of experience is a common struggle every professional faces when starting
out at some point or another. This rings true especially for entrepreneurs when
building their businesses without much support from anyone. Having a mentor
could limit some of the pitfalls and guide you during those difficult times.
Let’s face it. Struggle is a part of every success story. At the end of the day, the
determining factor is how you perceive it. Remember to remain open-minded and
dedicated to achieving better results for your enterprise.
Nothing can completely prepare you to start your own business, but you can learn
some valuable lessons from those who have been there. Many successful people
wished they knew certain insight before they started their businesses.
An ideal mentor is someone who has already done what you’re planning to achieve.
Suppose you’re seeking to build a startup in the real estate niche. So, for you, a
mentor should be someone who has a good track record in the same industry.

2. Attend An Event In Your Industry

One of the greatest ways to meet like-minded people is by attending industry-
specific events and meetings. You can potentially find your role model figures

from such events. A good rule of thumb is to go the extra mile to ask for
mentorship. Select a mentor who could help you on various occasions of your
startups’s growth. You could find these meetings on meetup.com. Enlisting the
assistance of a mentor is one of the greatest beneficial moves you can make when
testing the waters of the unpredictable sea of entrepreneurship. Many mentors are
eager to share their experiences and insights with their mentees. Evermore,
mentors could provide access to their own personal networks for mentees to
partner with and make connections.
Networking events can offer big gains to connecting with experienced business
leaders. These gatherings allow the opportunity to tap experts within a chosen

3. Join Incubators

Join Incubators

Straight away, most incubators will have mentorship programs. If you join in any
of them, you could find someone whom you can connect with and later on advise
you in your business functions. Startup incubators can help you network with other
entrepreneurs and get suggestions from them to find someone ideal for your
industry to offer mentorship.
More often than not, mentorship Incubators will offer connections and support for
budding business owners within their chosen industry. Newcomers can gain
insight from other members of the group and form alliances. For instance,
incubators can aid with new contacts, answers to challenges that they face, lesson
mistakes, advice instead of walking this road alone without any support system in
place. Learning valuable lessons from others is key to any successful venture.

4. Go Online

Several online platforms provide adequate mentorship for entrepreneurs for
business ventures. Take advantage of these opportunities to explore various options and find a mentor with the strengths and skills you hold near and dear. Online platforms increase your chances of connecting with a seasoned, experienced leader worldwide. Even further communication options are also available like Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. Offer your services for free to gain experience. Participants can schedule times for one-on-one consulting where they can get answers to pressing questions to meet their objectives.

5. LinkedIn

You can join industry groups and connect with people who share
the same interests and have achieved various milestones in your niche. A
great deal of the time, these same individuals can offer vital information.
LinkedIn has over 500 million people on their platform. That’s a lot to choose
from and chances are you are bound to locate an ideal candidate to connect.
Within this venue another added benefit is to join groups within the platform to
fine-tune your search for a professional business leader to form an alliance that
meets your needs.

6. MicroMentor

An easy to set up website which is free to use. There are
options to connect with mentors from different parts of the world. Ideally,
this is a great platform to have multiple mentors for getting advice on
various topics concerning your industry.
MicroMentor lends a chance to learn and obtain advice from seasoned, successful
industry leaders within a given niche. These mentors will share their past
experiences and best practices that have proven to work without a hitch.


It’s a great online organization to find volunteer mentors with
whom you can physically meet for mentorships. SCORE is a membership
association comprised of business experts whose sole mission is to offer
guidance to entrepreneurs and small business owners. SCORE has around
348 chapters throughout America. With these kinds of numbers, you are
likely to easily find a chapter office in your community or nearby. An even

greater benefit of the group is their services are given free of charge to any
participant.For additional assistance in locating a mentor, go a step further and research leaders in your niche in other ways. You just have to find an ideal person you think can be your mentor in the industry. Go find his/her books, podcasts, interviews, and much more. You can definitely get great advice from their life and experience that you could use to build your startup in that industry. Of course, the best website to find a mentor is here on Mentor Course Review. www.mentorcoursereview.

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