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Those days when people only indulged in reading content online are over.
Nowadays, the words aren’t enough, the website needs to look amazing too. You
have to create your website with eye-catching visuals and interesting content, so
that the user gets convinced to stay on your website rather than leaving you for
your competitors. We all know that the graphics play a major part in creating the
outlook of your website. Obviously, in order to create a website with eye-catching
visuals, you are going to need graphic design software tools. If you’re new in the
field of graphic designing, check out the tools we’ve gathered for you. They will
make your job way easier, plus, it will level up your game significantly.

Enough with the introduction, let’s dive into it.

1- Adobe Photoshop
It doesn’t matter if you are new to this field or not, you must have heard of this
software before. With Photoshop you can easily combine images, remove objects,
add effects, ability to edit animations and video layers and you can download
templates online, which can reduce your design process time. Photoshop offers
both basic and professional features, depending on how you want to use it. The
user interface is amazing and Adobe is continuously working on making it even

adobe photoshop

Adobe now offers Photoshop along with the subscription of Creative Cloud, it
might sound like a good thing but it comes with a catch. The recurring payment is
more costly, and there is no option to get a perpetual license.

2- Adobe Illustrator
If you are a fan of using vectors in your logo creations, icons, sketches, or even
complex illustrations for videos, then Illustrator is the tool you are looking for.
You can create your artwork by drawing pixel-perfect shapes. With this software,
designing could never be faster. You can find Illustrator templates all over the

internet and it can make your designing process way simpler. The Free Transform
tool is very simple to use and the Touch-type tool is awesome. But, like
Photoshop, it’s not free and as a standalone app it costs $19.99 per month with
an annual commitment, or you can get it on a month-to-month basis for $29.99.

The first 2 tools were not free or even cheap for that matter but fear not, GIMP is
the perfect alternative to Photoshop and it’s free, but it is not made to be a
Photoshop clone. The professional design tools make it ideal not only for graphic
designers but also for photographers as well. The image editing features are
highly enhanced. The variety of its tool allows you to create amazing graphics.
Once you begin using GIMP and get the hang of it, it will definitely become your
main desktop publishing tool. GIMP is an open-source software and It’s available
for Microsoft windows, MacOS, and Linux. The interface is totally customizable
and you can place your tools where you feel most comfortable. It might have a
few bugs here and there and yes, maybe not all the extensive features are
available, but there are many features that will guarantee you great experience
with GIMP.

4- Affinity Designer
If you are a vector head and looking for a cheaper alternative to Illustrator,
Affinity Designer is the right software for you. It is clean, useful, and as I’ve
mentioned earlier cheaper than AI and it is way better for beginners than AI. One
of its great features is the Dual Environment. Through this feature, you can work
in both vector art environments and pixel art environments without opening
anything else. Its zoom feature is also very popular amongst Graphic designers
since it allows you to go as far as 1,000,000% and design with the highest
accuracy possible. You might miss out on some tools that are available for AI but
all in all it’s a great software.

addinity design

5- Canva

If you are looking for an online tool that does most of the job for you, you are in
the right hands with Canva. Their slogan is “Design anything. Publish anywhere.”
It has everything you need for making an amazing design. From millions of images
to filters, icons, shapes and hundreds of fonts. You can use it for free but if you
want to unlock more features or layouts it’s around 12$ a month.

6- Xara Designer Pro X.
Let’s check a software that is used extensively for the web, shall we? Xara offers
advanced features and tools to create illustrations, edit images, and design web
pages. It is capable of syncing files with Google Drive. It supports a wide range of
file formats like JPEG, PNG, PSD, etc. But the bad news is it’s only available on
Windows and it requires a steep learning curve to get a hang of all its features.

Now that we’ve covered the software’s for your overall designs, you need
somewhere to put them all together and see how they look together as a whole
and examine your UI/UX. That’s where our last and most exciting software comes
into play. Drum rolls please… Adobe XD.

7- Adobe XD
.“Anyone can open a design and immediately grasp what the end experience will feel like.” Said Phillipe Chambon, Interaction designer at Behaviour Interactive. An industry giant like Adobe has the resources to evolve rapidly, and the financial stability that would make mastering Adobe XD a good investment opportunity for us all. This is a huge advantage, and it makes Adobe XD very valuable, and probably the leading UX design tool for the future. It’s part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription which gives you access to over 20 apps like PS, AI, PP, etc. It’s a lot of money, I know but, back in May 2018 Adobe announced a starter plan that allows the use of Adobe XD for free! It’s limited to only one active project but it’s probably the best way to test it out and see if it fits your needs.If you need any help with any of the mentioned tools you can either contact us for assistance or you can check out YouTube, God knows you can find anything in there BTW if you’ve just started your digital adventure, you can check out our other blogs at our website as well, you can find some helpful info to guide you through this virtual world

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